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Inlays and Crowns – While You Wait

How many of you have visited the dentist only to be told that you have to have an inlay or a crown and it will take a week to two weeks to be ready? Well now you can get your dental inlays and crowns the very same day thanks to the incredible CEREC technology.

What are Dental Inlays and Crowns?

So first of all, let’s explain what an inlay and a crown is before we explain the technology behind it. An inlay is a porcelain filling and is an alternative to an amalgam filling which is the silver/grey stuff that you might see in teeth. Some people don’t want to open their mouth to show off a mouth full of amalgam so instead they choose the much more aesthetically pleasing porcelain inlay options. Then there is a crown which is quite literally a crown over the tooth which replicates the tooth that was there before. A crown is used when the former tooth is so badly damaged or broken that a filling isn’t sufficient. Again, they can be white as opposed to the once popular gold crowns.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a clever piece of technology that involves the use of a machine on site that uses computer design technology to produce the dental restoration chairside. If you have ever had to have impressions taken of your teeth you will understand why having something so technical, that negates the need for impressions, is much more preferable to alginate impressions being taken. Not only is it a much more pleasant experience, it also dramatically reduces the amount of time that you need to complete your dental treatment. No more waiting for a second appointment to have them fitted. Now it can all be done in one visit. Walk into the dentist, have your procedure carried out and walk out smiling! No having to walk around with your mouth closed for days or weeks while you wait for a follow up appointment.

The Technology

CEREC uses a cutting-edge innovative machine which includes a camera, milling machine and a computer. The camera is used inside your mouth to take photos of the damaged or broken tooth/teeth and the images are sent directly to the computer. The technology then creates a design of the inlay or crown and the 3D milling machine produces them. It really is that simple and there is no need for messy impressions or long waits.

Why not try it for yourself?

If you have old silver amalgam fillings that you would like to replace with porcelain inlays or if you need dental work which involves a crown then you could benefit from this new CEREC technology and walk away smiling the same day.