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Delivering confidence boosting treatment for our patients is at the very heart of what London City Smiles is all about. Missing teeth aren’t just detrimental to your oral health - the mental effects can be huge too.

If you’re looking for a long term solution for your missing teeth, taking up our All On 4 Dental Implants treatment may be the best decision you ever make. All On 4 is perfect for those who have lost their teeth in a given arch and want to move away from their removable dentures. The treatment makes use of existing jaw and bone structure meaning the procedure causes less discomfort, takes less time to complete and reduces downtime for recovery. 

The differences we’ve seen in patients who go through with the procedure are remarkable. You’ll notice changes as soon as you walk out of the door, displaying a vibrant, confident smile that everyone will notice.

  • The All on 4 procedure is a technique that replaces a full set of teeth with a bridge supported by only four implants.
  • This means that only four implants are used to replace up to ten teeth.
  • The procedure is discussed in-depth during the first consultation to ensure patient understanding and comfort.
  • The All on 4 procedure uses the strongest area of bone tissue in the jaw to replace missing teeth
  • Metal implants are used to replace the missing tooth root and anchor the new teeth
  • Only four implants are needed instead of the typical eight or nine typically required to replace a full arch of teeth

"All On 4 has completely revolutionised permanent dental implants - providing a comfortable, quick and cost-effective solution to the problems that come with missing teeth."

Our Approach

As always, on our first consultation we take the time to discuss the treatment in depth with you. Making sure our patients are comfortable and fully understand the procedure is very important to us.

All on 4 takes full advantage of your existing jaw structure, using the very strongest area of bone tissue. Our dentists will directly replace your missing tooth root with metal implants and anchor your new teeth in the same way a natural root would. Rather than needing eight or nine implants, commonly known as an arch, our All on 4 procedure only uses four. Your dentist will place the back implants at a 45 degree angle and the front at a 90 degree angle, securing your dentures into your mouth immediately.

You’d think all of this work would take weeks, but our treatment is completed on the same day, without waiting months for the implants to heal. One of the best things about this painless procedure is that you’ll notice the effects immediately, with little downtime. Plenty of rest and eating soft foods for a week will have you fully enjoying your implants in no time.


We can’t stress enough just how beneficial our All on 4 treatment is if you’ve been struggling with missing teeth or temporary dentures. Here are a few of the top benefits our patients get out of the treatment:


  • A permanent solution that you know will last.
  • Added comfort and much more stability when compared to temporary dentures.
  • Cost-effective pricing is perfect for those on a budget.
  • The procedure can be fully completed in the space of a single day.
  • You’ll see immediate results as soon as you walk out of our doors.
  • Lack of bone restructuring causes less trauma for the patient.


If you’re looking for a comfortable, cost-effective and permanent solution to the question of your missing teeth, All On 4 provides the perfect answer. If you’re interested in this revolutionary new treatment, please contact us today

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