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Brace Systems, Islington, North London

If you’re looking for trusted, affordable teeth straightening with fixed braces in Islington, North London, we have the expertise to help.

Our orthodontic team are highly experienced and able to achieve stunning results at great prices.

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Our brace system prices

Treatment Cost (from) Members
Orthodontic consultation
Conventional metal braces (1 arch)
Conventional metal braces (2 arches)
Tooth-coloured braces (1 arch)
Tooth-coloured braces (2 arches)
Bonded retainers (per arch)
Removable retainers (per arch)
Vivera retainers (for a set of 3)
Remove fixed retainer (existing patient)
Remove fixed retainer (new patient inc. exam)
Repair fixed retainer

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Highly effective fixed brace systems

Fixed braces are generally the most effective and affordable type of orthodontic treatment. They have previously been less popular with patients who are concerned about their appearance, due to the easily visible brackets and wires.

However, there are now brace systems available that combine the precision and strength of fixed devices with more aesthetic consideration. They work in exactly the same way as traditional metal braces – but the brackets are made from a white ceramic or clear material that is much less noticeable on the front of the teeth.

These can also be fitted with white wires to further reduce their visibility.

Problems braces can help with:

The benefits:

We provide superb retainer options to keep your new smile beautifully straight after treatment, including bonded retainers, removable retainers, and Invisalign’s Vivera retainers. We also offer fixed retainer repair and removal services.

How it works

Fixed brace systems FAQs

How long does treatment take?

The duration of the treatment varies depending on the individual case and the extent of movement required. On average, it ranges from 12 to 24 months, but more intricate cases may take a longer period of time.

During your first appointment, the orthodontist can provide a more precise estimation of the duration of your treatment.

It is essential to carefully adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions, as failure to do so may result in a longer treatment time than originally estimated.

How often will I have to return to the clinic during treatment?

Regular adjustment and evaluation is crucial in maintaining the proper function of your braces and ensuring that the treatment progresses as intended. Typically, this requires visiting the practice once every 6-8 weeks throughout the treatment.

Not attending these appointments will greatly hinder the treatment’s effectiveness.

Is it uncomfortable to wear fixed braces?

Initially, wearing braces is likely to feel unfamiliar. Your teeth might experience some mild discomfort due to the pressure and tightness following an adjustment.

To ease discomfort, painkillers such as ibuprofen can be taken. Your orthodontist will also advise on other products and tips that will help reduce irritation.

It may take your mouth a few days to adjust to the new appliance. If the discomfort continues, please just let us know and you can return to the clinic where we’ll gladly evaluate and offer guidance on the next steps.

Is it possible to eat normally while wearing braces?

Eating inappropriate foods can damage fixed braces. To start with, it is recommended to consume softer foods that are cut into smaller pieces.

It is important to steer clear of sticky, chewy, and sugary foods as well as gum, as these can easily get stuck on your appliance. Foods such as apples, carrots, crusty rolls, and French bread should also be avoided as they have the potential to damage the wires and brackets of your brace.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your mouth after meals to prevent food from getting stuck in the brackets or between your teeth. Additionally, it is best to avoid fizzy drinks and natural fruit juices due to their high sugar content.

These beverages not only put tooth enamel at risk for damage and cavities, but they can also cause stains on your orthodontic brackets if consumed regularly. We recommend opting for water or plain milk as a healthier alternative.

Does composite bonding hurt?

No, the procedure does not hurt to have been done. There is no penetration into your teeth or gums, so because it’s an exterior-only process, you should encounter no pain.

Will fixed braces impact my speech?

Braces can have affect speech in some cases, causing difficulty in pronouncing certain words and potentially leading to a lisp. However, most individuals typically adapt after a few days and resume speaking with clarity.

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