Why you should choose a registered professional for Teeth Whitening

For many of us, having pearly white teeth is something that we long for. Unfortunately, the gorgeous white teeth that we were born with don’t stay that way, that’s if we were lucky enough to be blessed with brilliant white teeth in the first place. Often, and over a sustained period of time, they become discoloured and stained through the consumption of coffee, red wine and the smoking of cigarettes. While a good scale and polish at the dentist will remove an element of the staining and build-up of tartar, it won’t restore your teeth to their original whiteness. There are various treatments available though that are great but it is critical that you choose wisely.

Don’t let price sway your decision

You’ve probably all seen the ads that promise brilliant white teeth at ridiculous prices and have probably been tempted to give it a try. Some of you may already have tried them. You should exercise caution when choosing teeth whitening treatments and practitioners for your own safety and the health of your teeth. Just because you’ve seen a treatment promising the earth for a fraction of a cost, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You have to ask yourself why they are so cheap and what is being used, and if you trust it to be used in your mouth.

Choose a practitioner that is registered

The General Dental council have reported that incidents of illegal tooth whitening are on the increase and that you should only choose a dentist or health practitioner that is registered to deliver such treatments. Recipients of illegal treatments have reported mouth sores and excruciating pain where high levels of hydrogen peroxide have been used and caused chemical burns. These illegal practises are cheaper than what you would expect to pay and can often seem too tempting. Remember though that in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Find a reputable Dentist

Dentists are the most qualified to deliver anything that involves your teeth and choosing a good dentist, with good reviews and a good reputation, will mean that the methods that they use to carry out teeth whitening are approved by the General Dental Council. Not only that but they will be experienced and able to advise you on the best solution for you. They will also be well equipped to advise and support you on oral hygiene practises and how to look after your teeth and give them the best chance to stay white, post whitening.

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