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Boost your confidence and get a great new look with our superb whitening options.

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Teeth Whitening, Islington, North London

If you’re looking for stunning and affordable teeth whitening in Islington, North London, we have all the expertise to help at our 5 star rated dental clinic.

All of our cosmetic dentists are highly experienced and will be happy to enhance your smile with our excellent whitening treatments.

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Boutique home teeth whitening (with trays)
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EVO4 by Enlighten home teeth whitening (with trays)
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Example: EVO4 by Enlighten Teeth Whitening from £15.61 per month

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Brighten your smile with stunning teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a very popular and effective cosmetic treatment that can significantly improve the appearance of your smile. It’s a great solution for teeth that have become stained or discoloured over time.

We offer whitening with two different brand products, EVO4 by Enlighten and Boutique. Both are ‘at home’ systems that involve the application of whitening gel in bespoke-fitted trays. 

These are typically worn in the mouth overnight over a recommended timeframe.

EVO4 is a premium treatment that offers guaranteed levels of whitening, while Boutique is a more cost-effective alternative that can still deliver superb results. Your dentist will be happy to talk you through the advantages of both products and help you choose between the two.

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Teeth whitening FAQs

How effective is teeth whitening?

Both of our whitening treatments are highly effective and deliver great results. The level of improvement can vary depending on the individual and the condition of their teeth.

Enlighten EVO4 comes with a guaranteed level of improvement, with VITA B1, the brightest natural shade, achieved in 98% of cases.

While Boutique whitening comes without a guaranteed level of improvement, it can still deliver very impressive results for the majority of patients.

Will my teeth look too white?

Natural teeth rarely look too white. You can choose your preferred level of whiteness by controlling how long the trays are worn for.

Can whitening change the colour of veneers, crowns or fillings?

No, these are unaffected by the whitening process. Many patients choose to have their veneers, crowns or composite fillings replaced to match the new brighter shade of their smile.

Is the treatment painful?

You may experience some sensitivity during the whitening process, though the gels contain sensitising ingredients to help minimise this. Your dentist will also be able to provide and advise on sensitising swabs and toothpastes that will help reduce discomfort.

How long does the process take?

Results from using Boutique Whitening can be seen in just seven to ten days, while Enlighten EVO4 can achieve VITA B1 shade in only three weeks.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Both of our whitening treatments are completely safe. It is important to follow the instructions given by the dentist to both achieve the best results and keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

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