Same Day Fillings Crowns

What are CEREC 1 Day White Inlays (Porcelain Fillings) and Crowns?

CEREC is a technology that uses an onsite 3D milling machine to make your dental restorations (inlays and Crowns while you wait, with high-precision results. CEREC makes use of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology that makes it possible for the dental restoration to be created chairside, eliminating the need for dental impressions and dramatically cutting the time for the dental treatment to be completed.

With CEREC technology, you can restore your damaged teeth with tooth-coloured inlays, and dental crowns, in just one dental appointment. You can enjoy all of the benefits of the teeth restorations in the most efficient, precise, and safest manner – and emerge from the dentist’s office with a healthy, natural-looking smile you will be proud to flash whenever you wish to!

Don’t you just hate the long waiting time for your dental restoration to be completed? Now you can have white inlays, and dental crowns, in just ONE DAY -with CEREC technology!

Your White (Porcelain Fillings) Inlay or Crown – Ready in Around 1 Hour! Why Wait 2 Weeks

The CEREC technology uses a cutting-edge machine that includes a camera, a milling machine, and a computer to complete the white inlays and crowns treatment. The dentist will use the intraoral camera to get precise images of the damaged tooth; the images that the camera captures will automatically be sent to the computer.

The dentist will then use CAD/CAM technology to design and create the actual dental inlay or dental crowns while you wait. The white inlay will be bonded to the affected tooth, providing you with a natural-looking smile once more, after just a single dental appointment.

The dental crowns will also be created, designed, and manufactured chairside while you wait; there is no need to wait for a long time for the permanent dental crown to be attached, and no need to endure the discomfort that a temporary crown can bring.

Replace your Silver Amalgam Fillings with White Inlays – for More Natural-Looking Smiles

Silver amalgam fillings used to be the norm when it comes to dental filling treatments. However, amalgam fillings are not exactly pleasing to look at; their dark colour makes the dental restoration very obvious and easily visible every time the mouth is opened. Replacing your old silver amalgam fillings with white inlays will make your teeth look more attractive. You can say goodbye to very obvious-looking fillings that announce to the whole world that you have a dental restoration in place, as the tooth-coloured inlays blend perfectly with the natural hue of the rest of your teeth.



Goodbye to Memories of Mercury!

Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which can pose numerous health hazards. Just imagine what years of having the mercury on your mouth can do to your health! CEREC 1 day white inlays restore damaged teeth without any mercury, making them 100% safe for your health. You can have peace of mind knowing that you do not have any harmful chemicals lurking inside your mouth (and seeping into the rest of your body).

What Benefits Can I Get from White Inlays (Porcelain Fillings)?

White inlays can make your smile more attractive, compared to silver amalgam fillings that look unnaturally dark against the natural colour of your teeth. There are even times when the amalgam fillings look like the damaged/decayed parts of the tooth! The white inlays address the damaged or decayed part of your teeth in an effective manner, and at the same time blend perfectly with the natural colour of your teeth so that they are nearly invisible even when you open your mouth, or when you smile.

White dental inlays do not use or contain mercury, which is a component used in silver amalgam fillings. The presence of mercury in the human body can pose a variety of health hazards, especially since the chemical is left in the mouth for years at a time. Mercury from silver amalgam fillings can slowly seep into other parts of the body and to the bloodstream, and can be the cause of health problems in the future if not removed early enough. Replacing your old silver amalgam fillings with white tooth inlays can reduce the risk of developing illnesses caused by exposure to mercury.

The white inlays are firmly bonded to the surface of your teeth, and can actually restore the natural strength of the affected teeth. The natural-looking inlays can also protect your tooth from further damage, compared to the use of silver amalgam fillings which can weaken the teeth structure with long-term use.

Less teeth structure will need to be removed (as part of the preparation for the dental inlay treatment) with a white inlay treatment, compared to that of the silver amalgam filling procedure. This means that the healthy parts of your teeth will be left alone, and will be preserved in a healthy manner, without unnecessary removal because of the dental inlay procedure.

What Advantages Can I Enjoy with CEREC 1 Day Crowns?

You can get your dental crown treatment completed in just one dental appointment using CEREC technology. There is no need to wait for a few days or weeks for the crown to be manufactured in a separate dental laboratory, as the crown is designed and completed chairside while you wait (and watch!). The permanent crown is attached within the same dental appointment, so you can walk out of the clinic with a brand-new smile!

CEREC technology eases the discomfort associated with a dental crowns treatment. The intraoral camera captures precise images of the affected tooth and the mouth, so there is no need to get dental impressions which can be quite uncomfortable. There are also less drilling, and fewer injections involved, with CEREC 1 day dental crowns.

Temporary dental crowns are part of the past with CEREC same day dental crowns. As the entire treatment is finished in just one day, you will not be forced to deal with an uncomfortable temporary crown. The permanent dental crown is created, and attached, in the same dental appointment.

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