Same Day Fillings Crowns

Same Day Fillings & Crowns

Same-day fillings and crowns are porcelain dental fittings that are made in just one hour! A combination of advanced CEREC technology means that your dental restorations are made on-site, with more precision and efficiency than ever before! Firstly, a CEREC Omnicom is used to create an exact picture of your teeth. This image is downloaded by the CEREC 3D printer and used to create customised porcelain crowns and fillings.

The convenience of this treatment means you don’t have to wait two weeks to get custom-made dental restorations. You can enjoy all the benefits of a customised crown or filling on the same day that you come in for your appointment! The advanced technology used to create these porcelain correctives also enables more clinical precision than ever before, so you’re getting the most efficient and accurate treatment!

Do you need a filling or a crown addressing but worry that you won’t have time in your schedule to have the treatment done? At London City Smiles, we provide the answer to this.

Having your fillings or crowns fitted on the same day is a simple procedure that will leave your teeth healthier without taking up much of your time.

This is how the treatment works

We always carry out a consultation, to begin with, to make sure that this is the right form of treatment for you. It takes inspection to make sure that this is the case.

Once the experts at London City Smiles know what it is you require, they can begin preparing your appointment by making sure the right equipment is in place.

Then all you need to do is show up on the day of your scheduled appointment. Your mouth will be numbed by a local anesthetic so you don’t feel a thing, and then the dentist will carry out the procedure in a short amount of time.

To book your consultation or get in touch with the London City Smiles team, use the online booking system or find the contact details here.

Advantages of composite fillings

These fillings will be the same colour as your natural teeth.

Much more conservative of the natural tooth compared to lab-made restorations or amalgam (metal) fillings.

Material has similar strength and physical properties to natural tooth.

They are direct fillings, so they can be placed in a single visit.

Our Approach:

A same-day filling and crown appointment is one of the most convenient procedures to undertake. First, we will assess the dental issue and choose which type of dental restoration will best correct the issue. Once this is decided, we take an image of your teeth using a CEREC Omnicom, which is a small dental camera that will take accurate pictures of the inside of your mouth. We will then take this image and put it through the CEREC 3D printer which will create a customised porcelain restoration for the affected area. During this time, you can choose to have a further dental procedure, such as an overall check-up or hygiene treatment. Alternatively, you are free to wait in our dentist’s office or wherever else you like!

The fitting of a same-day filling and crown is very similar to that of a normal dental restoration, we will prepare the area by removing any necessary tooth structure. Then use a dental solution and specialised light to seal it onto your tooth. This whole process takes just over an hour! As we only use porcelain dental restorations made with CEREC technology, they are easier to fit and less harmful than metal alternatives.

We understand that your time is precious to you, so we have slots available so that you can get fillings and crowns fitted on the same day to suit your diary.

The same amount of care and precision is taken to ensure that you are given the best treatment possible despite the reduced amount of time it takes to conduct.

As usual with London City Smiles procedures, our consultation will assess whether you have any nerves regarding the proposed procedures so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly.


How much does it cost to have same-day fillings and crowns?

Your consultation will enlighten the dentists about the issues you face. It’s impossible to say how much it will cost without rigorously assessing the condition of your mouth initially. We believe you’ll find the treatment affordable considering the quick turnaround from consultation to completion.

Will same-day fillings and crown treatment hurt?

No, the procedures don’t hurt because your dentist will administer a local anesthetic that will numb the area of your mouth being worked on. If you have any nerves or concerns at all, express these in your consultation.

Are same-day crowns and fillings permanent?

Much like the traditional crowns and fillings that are also available, this treatment is not permanent and will need re-addressing in the future. You can expect them to last a very long time, however, with the appropriate amount of oral care.

How long does it take to fit same-day fillings and crowns?

You can expect the entire procedure to take under an hour if you need one tooth worked on, for instance. However, with every tooth that needs attention, the amount of time needed to finish the job will increase.

Visit our website for everything else related to the procedures we carry out. Fill out a consultation form if you’re ready to contact our team.


Same-day fillings and crowns are one of the best options available for treating your dental issues. They are the most convenient in terms of your time, taking just over an hour to produce and fit. They are also less harmful than metal alternatives and are easier to fit. These dental restorations can be used to treat several dental issues, including:

  • Damaged teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Implant Restoration

The use of CEREC technology means that you won’t have to wait to receive the benefits of a porcelain dental restoration ever again!

Most importantly, fillings and crowns are fitted so that your teeth are less prone to any unwanted infections that might occur. Having this treatment boosts the likelihood that your mouth will stay in good health so that you won’t require any emergency treatment.

Then there is the advantage of being able to have these problems addressed in one day. You won’t need to return for a second appointment when you book same-day treatments with London City Smiles, meaning it’s less hassle for you.

Your mouth will also feel better. The pain and sensitivity that is often the result of requiring fillings or crowns but not having them can be avoided, so don’t leave it until the pain gets unbearable! We can fix the problem upon spotting the need for fillings or crowns at your routine appointment, or if you should feel some pain in between those appointments.

These treatments, especially crowns, will improve the aesthetics of your smile too. When you have chips, cracks, gaps, or many other issues in your set of teeth, having crowns or fillings fitted can freshen your smile’s appearance and create a healthier look.

The material used these days is superior to the metal fillings that were once provided because they cause less tooth sensitivity, they are made to look like the rest of your original teeth, and they have a greater likelihood of staying in your mouth.

Composite Fillings

  • Composite fillings are made of a tooth-coloured resin material.
  • They are used to restore decayed or decaying teeth.
  • Composites are also used for cosmetic dentistry to improve the smile by changing the colour or shape of the teeth.
  • The materials are available in various shades, allowing our dentists to closely match the colour of existing teeth.
  • Composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, especially for front teeth.
  • They are durable and can last for many years.
  • However, they are not permanent and will need to be replaced over time.

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