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Children’s Dentistry, Islington, North London

If you’re looking for a trusted, highly-rated and affordable children’s dentist in Islington, North London, we can help.

Our dentists have great experience in working with youngsters and will do all they can to make them feel at ease while they are with us.

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The importance of children’s dentistry

At London City Smiles, we understand how essential the early years are in shaping children’s future oral health. We place great importance on preventative care and laying the solid foundations that will lead to healthy adult smiles.

Many dental phobias and anxieties are shaped by bad experiences in childhood. Making early visits as enjoyable and undaunting as possible can go a long way towards forming a positive view of going to the dentist.

As well as checking for and treating any dental issues, we also educate on a good, daily oral hygiene routine. Where treatment is required, we take time to explain things and make sure children feel comfortable with the procedure.

While we offer a caring approach for every child, we are particularly sensitive when looking after young patients with special needs. Although we aim to treat them in exactly the same way, we understand when an additional level of care and attention is required.

The benefits of children’s dental examinations

Children's dentistry FAQs

From what age should a child start going to the dentist?

Your child’s first dental visit should ideally take place when they are between 12 and 15 months old or when their front teeth emerge. This enables the dentist to best assess the development of their teeth and surrounding soft tissues.

In addition, the dentist will be able to provide guidance on how to prevent dental issues. This gives parents the chance to enquire about various related subjects including diet, teething, and any habits their child may have, such as using a dummy or thumb-sucking.

As young ones start to become more mobile, there is a greater chance of accidents and injuries happening. If your child is already accustomed to dental visits, an urgent appointment will be less stressful for them.

How often should I bring my child in for a check-up?

The general recommendation is for children to visit the dentist for a check-up every six months.

This is because of the fast rate at which they both grow and their habits and diet evolve. The dentist may suggest adjusting the regularity of visits depending on your child’s individual case.

At what age should children start to brush their teeth?

This should be as soon as their teeth first break through. The teeth should be gently cleaned twice daily, along with the surrounding gums.

Does tooth decay impact young children?

Dental problems can potentially arise early on, particularly due to the abundance of processed sugars in today’s diets.

The teeth of younger children are also susceptible to decay caused by bottles or breastfeeding. The dentist can help identify and address any potential issues.

Is fluoride harmful for young children?

It is essential to use a non-fluoride toothpaste for children under six months old due to potential risks to their developing kidneys. After this period, switching to a fluoride toothpaste is considered safe.

Fluoride is important for safeguarding your child’s teeth against decay. Your dentist will provide recommendations on the appropriate amount of toothpaste to use.

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