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Specialist periodontal care to prevent and treat gum conditions.

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Gum Treatment, Islington, North London

If you’re looking for a trusted, highly-rated and affordable dental clinic treating gum disease in Islington, North London, we can help.

Benefit from the expertise of our specialist Periodontist, Dr Tilemachos Makropoulos (GDC No. 265422). He is highly experienced in all aspects of gum health he will be more than happy to assess, and treat your case.

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Gum treatment prices

Treatment Cost (from) Members
Periodontal consultation
Periodontal reassessment / review
Non-surgical treatment Cost (from) Members
Deep cleaning - Root surface debridement (Per quadrant - fee depends on the extent and severity of the condition)
Treatment requiring surgery Cost (from) Members
Periodontal pocket reduction surgery
Crown lengthening surgery
Periodontal plastic surgery


Example: Crown lengthening surgery from £16.55 per month

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Meet our experienced Periodontist

Dr. Tilemachos Makropoulos Periodontist


GDC Number: 265422

The importance of good gum health

Gum disease is a very common condition that occurs when the soft tissues around the teeth become inflamed and swollen. This is typically a result of bacterial plaque forming along the gum line.

In addition to early indicators like discomfort in the gums, bleeding, and halitosis, the condition can also progress into more severe complications if not addressed. In fact, it is currently the primary reason for tooth loss in the UK.

Poor gum health is also now widely understood to be linked to chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

How we can help look after your gums

We provide a wide range of treatments and services aimed at maintaining optimal gum health. Regular hygiene appointments and check-ups will allow us to keep your gum line clean, as well as detect any potential concerns in their early stages.

When intervention and treatment are necessary, our specialist Periodontist has the expertise to resolve many gum conditions and will advise you on the best course of action.

Examples of our periodontal treatments

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Gum disease FAQs

What are the warning signs of gum disease?

The most common symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Painful, swollen gums
  • Bleeding during brushing teeth or flossing
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Sensitivity when chewing
  • Tooth becoming loose
  • Receding gum line
  • Toothache
What is the most common cause of gum problems?

Poor oral hygiene is by far and away the greatest contributing factor in the development of gum disease. This allows bacteria to thrive and plaque to develop along the gum line.

The good news is that this means the condition is completely avoidable for the majority of people. A proper, daily oral hygiene routine, along with regular visits to the clinic for check-ups and hygienist appointments, will go a long way towards protecting your gum health from any problems.

Are there any other likely factors?

Other possible influences that increase the risk of gum problems include:

  • Getting older
  • Family background/history
  • Hormones
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications
  • Weakened immune system due to disease
  • Viral or fungal infection
What after care should I follow after gum treatment?

After undergoing gum treatment, it is important to follow proper after care to maintain oral wellness and prevent the recurrence of gum disease. At London City Smiles, we provide our patients with detailed after care instructions to ensure the best possible results. These instructions may include: 

  • Avoiding hard or crunchy foods for a few days after treatments
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle brushing techniques
  • Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash to to help prevent the infection
  • Attending follow-up appointments as recommended by our dentists

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