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Transform Your Smile With Dental Implants

Sadly, many people feel totally self-conscious about their smiles. They want to have the perfect grin, the pearly white teeth and a straight smile that they can feel confident with.

For some people this is really important when they have lost teeth or have teeth that are badly damaged. They need to find something to replace those teeth not only to improve the look of their smile but to improve their oral health also. This is where dental implants come in.

What Are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are normally metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned in the jawbone beneath your teeth and gums. Once these metal screws are in place your dentist will be able to mount replacement teeth on top of them,

They can be fitted to sufficient jaw bone mass or healthy gums that can keep the dental implants rooted in place.

Different Brands Of Dental Implants
There are many different brands of dental implants available on the market so as to provide you, the patient with a range of different products when it comes to having dental implants fitted.

Straumann Implants are proven to obtain optimal tissue response as well as being designed to reduce healing time. On top of this, the brand of dental implants is said to guarantee maximum implant stability.

Nobel Implants are produced from pure titanium and known for their unmatched durability and strength. They offer implant stability and many benefits when it comes to bone integration and formation in the jawbone.

Another dental implant brand is the Tatum implant system designed to be super strong, restoring and resistant to fractures.

This means your dental implants will maximise the space they are given and work to strengthen your jawbone.

Why Choose London City Smiles For Your Dental Implants?
With the expertise of Dr Balwant Vekaria who is one of the UK’s most experienced implant dentists, London City Smiles are determined to provide you with the treatment.

As an industry leader, Dr Vekaria is experienced enough to be able to consult with and treat difficult cases where implants maybe harder to put in place.

London City Smiles can also offer a 15 year guarantee, same day treatment and a free implant consultation to make sure you get the best treatment.

To find out more contact London City Smiles.