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Perfect Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people think that cosmetic dentistry is just reserved for the rich and famous. Earlier in time, due to the lack of technologies, and the costly expenses, only certain people could afford to spend money fixing their dental imperfections.But, nowadays cosmetic dentistry is accessible, affordable and still delivers lasting results. Gone are the days of having to settle for an imperfect smile because London City Smiles offer a range of fantastic cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Use of porcelain veneers

Dental veneers Islington are thin coloured shelled ceramics and are used to cover the front side of the teeth. It is designed by the dentist in such a way that it fits exactly on the tooth once it is cemented. As it is made from ceramics, it looks natural on your teeth.

London City Smiles would use this type of porcelain veneer on those patients who want to enhance the look of their teeth and want to make them stronger. Moreover, the ceramic will fix the gaps, breaks, and cracks between the teeth whilst giving you a lasting brighter smile.

Teeth whitening

Another procedure popular by many and designed to improve the look of your smile is teeth whitening.

Sometimes, brushing alone is not enough to keep your teeth white. Toothpastes may not be strong enough to remove the stains on your teeth caused by everyday habits such as drinking coffee, tea, coke, or smoking cigarettes.

At London City Smiles we offer Enlighten Teeth Whitening.

We will take impressions of your teeth for dental trays to be created. Once these trays are ready we will give you a home whitening gel to be placed inside the tray which you should wear for 14 consecutive nights at home.

When you have finished using mouth trays you will be asked to come back to London City Smiles for a whitening treatment done within the surgery.

Method of Invisalign

A very popular form of cosmetic dentistry is braces. Braces might be those metal chains or inserts which have scared many throughout their teenage years and caused them a lot of pain.

However, we can offer an alternative that is designed to not affect the appearance of your teeth, help realign your teeth and leave you with lasting results.

The Invisalign method replaces those traditional braces that were used earlier to set the misaligned teeth. Invisalign consists of a range of teeth aligners that look almost invisible, and so, they do not affect the look of your smile. It is designed in such a way that, wearing them will push your teeth into the correct position.

The virtually invisible appearance of the brace isn’t its only benefit. Invisalign braces offer little maintenance and dental checkups, easy adjustment, and removal when you need to eat, brush, or floss.

London City Smiles offers you the best treatments for smile makeovers, enhancements to the appearance of your smile and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Contact us today to find out more about all the procedures and how we can help to perfect your smile.