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Dental Implants: Why it’s so Important to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Gaps because of missing teeth can be a great cause of distress for many. Lots of people experiencing this won’t have the confidence to even smile in public. If you have missing teeth but haven’t got around to fixing the problem yet, there are a few things you should know.

This article will look at why it’s vital that you replace your missing teeth as soon as you can and why dental implants are an excellent solution.

Your appearance and oral health

Firstly, the aesthetics of missing teeth can embarrass people. You might not want to smile when your photo is taken or even open your mouth at all in public in case anybody spots your gap.

At London City Smiles, we want everybody to be proud of their teeth. This is why our treatments are affordable and carried out to the best standards around.

Aside from how your teeth look, there are practical health reasons for having dental implants fitted where your tooth should be. One of these reasons is to stave off infections.

With a gap in your smile, your mouth is more prone to infections than if a tooth was there. Oral concerns like gum disease aren’t pleasant and need to be ideally prevented, or at least treated.

When you visit your dentist to have a typical consultation before having dental implants fitted, they will assess the state of your oral health to see if they can perform the treatment right away or if you need an infection to be cured first.

Aiding digestion and helping keep teeth aligned

Dental implants can also keep your teeth aligned. If you have a missing tooth, there is a chance that your set of teeth will become crooked and out of shape because of this gap.

If you have misalignment issues already, however, you will more than likely need braces to fix this, but implants serve as a great preventative measure. Don’t let one tooth ruin the rest of your smile!

How well you chew your food is important for digestion, keeping your gut and body generally healthier. Teeth contribute to digestion massively – don’t underestimate how important it is to have strong teeth in place to masticate sufficiently so your body can process the food well and absorb all the nutrients.

Keeping your mouth clean routinely can help prevent your teeth from falling out. Brushing and flossing daily work wonders for keeping your oral health strong so that you’re less likely to encounter tooth loss.

Are you ready to finally sort out that missing tooth that’s been bothering you? Contact London City Smiles today to book a consultation.