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London City Smiles – How much is composite bonding in the UK?

Metal fillings are no longer the automatic choice for dentists looking to address the gaps and cracks in their teeth; these days, there is a much stronger and more subtle solution. Composite bonding is extremely popular and effective, but is it affordable? And is the treatment worth what you pay? This article will look at value for money when it comes to composite bonding so you can decide whether the treatment is for you.

How much is composite bonding?

Before we discuss the cost, perhaps the most important thing to consider when getting a procedure like composite bonding performed is where you get it done. It’s crucial to have the treatment performed by a licensed dentist with experience. You are putting your oral health at risk if you ignore this advice.

Thankfully, the treatment is routine and quite quick to perform for experienced dentists. The recovery time is minimal but you should take care of your teeth and gums in the first few days post-treatment in case there is any sensitivity.

The composite bonding cost you can expect varies from clinic to clinic. London City Smiles offers a competitive pricing structure, presenting great value for money for the high level of care you’ll receive. It’s also dependent on the extent of the work you need to be carried out. 

As one of the capital’s premier dental facilities, we believe you’ll be satisfied with the price you pay and the composite bonding treatment you receive.

How does composite bonding compare to other treatments?

If you require composite bonding applied in several areas of your mouth, covering multiple teeth, this will increase the price compared to one area/tooth. We believe that for the durability and subtlety of composite bonding, and when compared to some other forms of treatment, it is excellent value for money.

Veneers and braces are usually cited as two of the most expensive oral treatments available. A lot of people don’t have the budgets to go with these options so will be pleased to hear that a lot of the minor issues you face might be resolved with composite bonding instead.

Certain cosmetic issues can be rectified by composite bonding and can sometimes be a cheaper and easier alternative to more obstructive treatments, like braces or veneers.

You’re unlikely to receive this treatment on the NHS as it is often deemed cosmetic, with so many people choosing to fix alignment or gap issues with composite bonding rather than braces, which is all the more reason to explore your options with London City Smiles.

Contact us to have a consultation so a professional can assess your needs and discuss the pricing of composite bonding with you in more detail.