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Why cosmetic dentistry is about more than looks

There’s no denying that cosmetic dentistry enhances your looks. With sparkling white teeth or brand new veneers, you’re going to make a better first impression. Even so, if you look beneath the surface, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry run much deeper. Here are a few reasons why we think cosmetic dentistry is about more than just looks.


Boost in self-confidence 

Many people dealing with darkened or crooked teeth suffer from a crippling lack of self-confidence. If you whiten, realign or replace your teeth, you’re going to see the effects in your mind as well as in your mouth. You’ll become more approachable, more willing to open up and infinitely more confident. Ultimately, an improved smile always results in an improved mind.


A better bite

Those who suffer from crooked or missing teeth often have trouble with their elocution and eating. Not only can this be deeply embarrassing around other people, but the discomfort and pain can be tough to deal with. With better alignment and shaping, we’ve seen patients drastically improve some of the most basic parts of their daily life. Whether that’s eating without pain or speaking eloquently, cosmetic dentistry can have a profound effect on your mouth.


Improved oral health

Much of cosmetic dentistry is about using bonding, crowns and veneers to restore surrounding teeth that have suffered damage. This damage could be from the fractures, cracks or positioning of the teeth. With time, the health of your mouth will begin to improve, alongside the restoration of these teeth. Also – after treatment – people who have cosmetic dentistry tend to improve their own standards for dental health. With a sparkling smile, there’s much more motivation to maintain it.


Enhanced overall health

There’s no shortage of evidence linking oral health with overall health. Gum disease has repeatedly been connected with heart disease, diabetes and other nasty illnesses. A study conducted by the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry recently discovered that people with gum disease were twice as likely to have a heart attack and three times more likely to experience a stroke. Cosmetic dentistry puts you on a path to better oral health, which in turn results in an enhanced state of overall health.


Our cosmetic dentistry has been transforming the smiles of our patients for years. If you’re suffering from the physical and mental effects of crooked, missing or yellowing teeth, it’s time to take some action. Book an appointment today and experience the endless benefits of cosmetic dentistry.