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What questions should you ask your dentist before dental implants?


While the experts and dental professionals will know everything there is to know about dental implants, you or I might not have the first clue about what the procedure entails.


It’s perfectly understandable that you’ll have some questions for your dentist before they proceed, so let us suggest a few things you might want to know.

This article will look at key points to raise before your dental implant treatment.


What should I ask my dentist before dental implants? 


Before your procedure, you’ll have a consultation with a dentist to see the scope of the work required. At this appointment, you should ask whether there 

are any food or drinks you should avoid in the days prior to the procedure. The last thing


 you want is to have to reschedule because you ate something unadvised hours before commencement.


Establish a fixed cost for the treatment during your consultation. Whether this is agreed with the dentist or somebody else working for the practice, it’s good to know exactly what the treatment will cost. You’ll want to make sure that your discount on the All-on-4 Dental Implants and All-on-6 Dental Implants packages, some of our best dental implant packages which will save you thousands on treatment, has been applied when you pay.


A lot of information is listed online, of course, which you can find on our website, but sometimes you might want to ask the dentist something in person. Not only will you see how informed our dentists are on the subject of dental implants, but you’ll also receive assurance of the experience our dentists hold as well.


Post-treatment aftercare is crucial to looking after your teeth. Making sure that your oral health remains in good condition is achieved with regular care and knowing what to avoid so as not to risk your recovery.


It’s fine to ask your dentist about how often they perform dental implants and their success rate when performing them, they’ll understand that you’re just slightly nervous about the procedure. Even though there’s nothing to be worried about, your dentist will likely reassure you with their credentials and inform you of the General Dental Council’s requirement to train continuously throughout their career.


Nervous and pain-free dentistry


There’s no need to be ashamed if you are nervous about your visiting the dentist, there are countless others out there who hold the same anxieties. That’s why you can ask, in full confidence, whatever it is you’d like to know as the dental professionals at London City Smiles are all trained at performing treatment on worried patients.


One of your questions to our trained professionals might be regarding any pain you could feel during the treatment. However, our dentists will reveal during your consultation that anaesthetics are routinely used to numb the area involved so that no pain is felt. You might feel slight pain during recovery if swelling occurs, but ask your implant dentist and they’ll likely advise you to treat this with over-the-counter medication.


Looking for the best dental clinic in London can seem like a stressful endeavor, but our reputation and reviews speak for themselves. Ensuring patient comfort and painlessness is one of our top priorities, making dental implant surgery at our practice highly regarded.


For any further information, contact the team today so you can move forward with your treatment.