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What are dental implants and do I need them?

Losing a tooth is never easy – self-confidence can deteriorate and discomfort will only increase. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are your saving grace. Not sure about implants? We’ve summed up the treatment below.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are made up of small titanium screws that shape into an artificial tooth root. When a new tooth, a dental crown, is placed into your mouth, it is attached to the dental implants. All our implants are super secure and are embedded directly into the bone. As opposed to dentures, this means that you’re getting a permanent solution to your tooth loss problems. 


In contrast, dentures have much more chance of loosely moving about in the mouth, causing embarrassment, discomfort and a negative impact on your oral health. If you want the best treatment possible, dental implants are the way forward. Unlike dental bridges, implants won’t affect or damage any of the nearby teeth in your mouth either.


Do I need them?

Dental implants don’t only help those with one missing tooth. Implants can be very helpful for those with wider gaps that have multiple teeth missing. It’s worth bearing in mind that this isn’t a short-term fix either. Implants will permanently get rid of those embarrassing and uncomfortable moments that occur when you’re missing teeth. 


If you’re having trouble with elocution and pronunciation, implants are a godsend. Whether you have one tooth missing or you need the whole set replaced, dental implants can have a transformative effect on your physical and mental state. 


What is the treatment like and is it safe?

There’s no need to worry about the safety of dental implants. The procedure has been well-established for years, helping people live a more normal life. Implants will last for many years, but, like natural teeth, they rely on some maintenance to stay clean.


The treatment itself is often easier than removing a tooth. Using a local anaesthetic, the treatment is completely painless. Our expert dentists will place a titanium implant into your jawbone below your gums, with the procedure taking no longer than 1-2 hours. You will experience some low discomfort over the week after treatment, but this will quickly fade.

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