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Warning: Six key signs you need to visit your dentist

Regular check-ups with your dentist is the one sure way of preventing any damage to your teeth. However, we understand that the busy schedules and responsibilities of modern life can sometimes get in the way. Unfortunately, this can lead to a number of dental complications, and your body will let you know about them! Here’s our six signs that you need to act on them by visiting your dentist.

  1. Pain

When your teeth start to ache, you know something isn’t right. This can be a sign of cavities, or the on-set of gum disease, so you should immediately book a dentist appointment and identify the cause of your toothache. This is true regardless of how long the pain lasts and how intense the pain is. The pain may also be in your jaw or upper neck which people don’t often associate with dental problems. Worth getting it checked out!

  1. Tooth loss

You may not experience any pain and then suddenly a tooth pops out from nowhere. Getting a wiggly tooth when you’re a child is completely natural, but getting one in adult life is a sure sign that something’s not right. The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is gum-disease, which needs to be treated immediately to prevent further damage. A toothless mouth is definitely not a look we would recommend, so go to your dentists before it’s too late.

  1. Bad gums

Your gums are just as important as your teeth, and are a great indicator that your mouth isn’t in the best of health. Any discolouration or redness could the early signs of gingivitis, and bleeding is an even more developed sign that you could be suffering from it. Bad gums could also show you that you’re brushing too hard, which can equally cause damage. Either way, if you notice that your gums aren’t looking normal, you need to get on the phone and book an appointment.

  1. A bad smell or taste in your mouth

Lots of people associate bad breath with smelly food, smoking, dry mouth and the morning! However, having consistent bad smells or tastes in your mouth could be a sign of a medical issue or bad dental hygiene. If you’re brushing your teeth twice a day and still suffering from these symptoms, you should definitely organise a trip to the dentist. For your sake and the people around you!

  1. You’re having on-going medical treatment

The whole of your body is connected, this might sound obvious but it’s something that people often forget. This means that if you’re having on-going medical treatment or a persistent medical issue, it’s probably affecting your teeth as well. This could also be down to medications, which can cause dry mouth and gum issues. The nerves in the mouth are some of the most sensitive in the body, so an upset in any part of your body can throw them off! Try to keep them steady by regularly visiting your dentists!

  1. Swelling

If you’re foot was to swell, you wouldn’t ignore it, so you shouldn’t ignore swelling in or around your mouth either! It doesn’t matter whether the swelling is in the mouth (in the form of sores or inflamed gums) or around the mouth (in your jaw or neck), they both mean that your dental health has taken a turn for the worse! If swelling doesn’t go down after a day or so, you need to get a dentist’s appointment!

Any of these signs mean that your teeth, gums and tongue are crying out for help! Don’t let them suffer by not booking a dentist’s appointment. The quicker you deal with signs of bad dental health, the more effectively your dentist can identify and treat the issue. However, it shouldn’t have to get to this point if you keep on a regular dentist’s schedule, so try and keep yourself topped up on time in the chair!