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Teething Troubles: How to soothe your baby during teething

Teething can be a distressing experience for babies and parents alike! There are a number of ways you can reduce the discomfort (and crying) that comes when your baby grows their teeth. Here’s how tips for soothing your baby during teething.


Teethers are the perfect way to help your child to move their teeth around and relieve the discomfort of teething. You should try a few different types, which vary in shape, texture and firmness to find out which one is best for them. 

Top tip: Put the teether in the fridge for half an hour before giving it to them – the chilled temperature will help to reduce pain from inflamed gums.


You can give babies paracetamol and ibuprofen from three months onwards, but it’s also important to make sure it’s suitable for babies. Paracetamol is best for relieving mild to moderate pain before the tooth has broken through and ibuprofen is good for reducing swelling once it has. 

Top tip: Make a game to give them the medicine or put it on their favourite food to encourage them to take it. 

Topical gel

A topical gel is great for soothing painful gums around teeth that have broken through because you can apply it directly to the specific problem area. They help by containing mild local anaesthetic which numb the pain and antiseptics to prevent disease.

Top tip: Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the gel to prevent illness.

Warm relievers

Soak a clean flannel in warm water and give it to your child to chew on – the warmth can ease aching gums and loosen areas around the breaching tooth, making it easier for them to break through the gums.

Top tip: Monitor your baby whilst they chew to prevent any choking.

Teething is a stressful and unsettling time for your baby and for you. So, the ultimate piece of advice is to make sure you give them plenty of extra cuddles, kisses and comforting during this time – it can help to reduce crying fits and improve coping skills for the both of you!