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Teeth Whitening: Getting You Ready For Summer

Summer is here! The time for festivals, weekends away and holidays in the sun has finally arrived.

There are many treatments and therapies you can experience to shake off the gloom of winter and be summer-ready. From facials to massages, to a hint-of-a-spray tan they all make you feel confident and happy in the summer sun.

But what about your teeth? How much attention do you pay to them?

Teeth Whitening

As well as preventive treatments – that is, regular check-ups – there is also a growing range of cosmetic treatments for teeth. Teeth whitening is one of them.

Teeth whitening is the process of lifting stains and blemishes from the surface of teeth giving them a white appearance. There are home remedies and over-the-counter teeth whitening kits but none are as effective nor as safe as professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic.

Why Do Teeth Become Stained?

There are many things that affect the appearance of your teeth;

  •       Eating richly coloured foods and drinks
  •       Black tea and coffee can stain teeth over time
  •       Trauma to the mouth can also leave marks on the teeth
  •       Some childhood medications also caused teeth to become blemished or grey in tone

In most cases, these blemishes and stains are simply marks that will lighten or disappear with the right kind of teeth whitening treatment.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Best

For effective and safe treatment that does not damage teeth and gums, it is a wise move to consult with a dental clinic specialising in teeth whitening in London.

Over-the-counter products can only contain a small amount of the teeth whitening substance and should only be used as directed. But with our treatments and techniques, we protect the gums from damage, ensuring that the product sits only on the teeth.

And, with qualified dentists overseeing every aspect of treatment, you can be sure to get impressive results too.

How Do I Know If I My Teeth Are Suitable For Teeth Whitening Treatment?

You need to be in good health with a great oral hygiene routine – in other words, you need to look after your teeth.


Once you have undergone treatment, you can maintain the brightness of your teeth by not eating heavily coloured foods and drinks.


Teeth whitening in London with our professional dentists and their teams here at London City Smiles is an effective and safe means of bringing the whiteness back to your teeth, leaving you free to smile your way confidently through summer.