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Teeth FAQs: Your top questions answered

With all the advice surrounding the health of your teeth, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Oral health plays a huge role in your overall wellbeing, so making sure you know the ins and outs are crucial. As part of an ongoing series, we’ve got together some of the top FAQs surrounding teeth to help you out.


How many teeth do adults have?

Adults have 32 teeth in total, which is 12 more than a set of baby teeth. Each of these teeth plays an important role in the makeup of your mouth, so looking after all of them is essential. A consistent and deep brushing routine is the best way to keep things in tip-top shape while flossing once a day is also crucial. 

Wisdom teeth are the last four of these 32 teeth to erupt and will often come through during your late teens or early twenties. When erupting, wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain, so staying in touch with your dentist is key to keeping things healthy.


How to get white teeth

Quitting bad habits (such as smoking or drinking), a regular dental health routine and visits to the dentists are all vital if you want your teeth to stay bright and white. However, if you want that extra brightness, teeth whitening treatment could be a perfect choice for you.

Whitening treatment can provide you with a huge boost in self-esteem and confidence. On top of that, the treatment is quick, painless and long-lasting, usually only taking 15 minutes to conduct. As proven experts in teeth whitening, our professionals will make you proud of your smile in no time.


How to stop grinding teeth

Wearing a mouthguard and reducing your stress level are great ways to stop yourself from grinding your teeth. Practising mindfulness throughout the day and before bed (when teeth grinding often occurs) can help to minimise the impact.

Teeth grinding – otherwise known as bruxism – can be tough to deal with at first and could result in a myriad of dental problems if left. If you’re noticing regular headaches or tooth pain and you think it may be related to bruxism, it’s best to get in contact with a dentist as soon as possible.


Why do my teeth hurt?

Cavities, gum disease and general sensitivity, among others, could all be reasons for pain in your teeth. If you’re a young adult, the eruption of wisdom teeth could also be a reason.

As well as improving your dental routine and maintaining your brushing and flossing, regularly visiting your dentist should be a priority if you want to stop your teeth from hurting. With decades of experience, London City Smiles will be able to keep your teeth at their best, while providing you with helpful advice.

Here at London City Smiles, we have a huge range of treatments available. Whether you’ve got any questions that weren’t answered or you’re just looking to book an appointment for the dentist – get in touch with us today.