Invisalign Braces


Are Invisalign Braces Right for Me?

If you have misalignment, overcrowding, an overbite, gaps, or several other oral problems, you’re probably looking for a way to rectify these issues.   Instead of the more traditional form of braces that you see many teenagers wear, why not see what Invisalign braces can do for you?   This article will look at the

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Invisalign Braces

STOP: Here’s why you should not DIY your Invisalign

Thanks to the remarkably innovative technology that digitally scans your teeth, Invisalign provides bespoke treatment that will work perfectly for your unique set of teeth.   There are, however, DIY aligners on the market that claim to work similarly, but can these promises be trusted?   This article will look at DIY Invisalign aligners, offering

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How Can Invisalign Braces Transform Your Smile?

To understand the effects that braces have on someone’s face, smile and self-confidence, you just need to look at the ‘before and after’ pictures. The difference is astounding. The corrections to their teeth are subtle, but the impact on their smile is off the scale, their self-confidence boosted and their smile wide and happy! There

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