Children's Dentistry

How to help kids with dentist visits

Trips to the dentist can seem like a chore for both children and parents alike. Persuasion and reassurance are often part and parcel of the process.   Although, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to ease your child’s concerns so dental visits are less arduous.    This article will look at

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What is a Root Canal, and How is it Treated?

A root canal is a common dental procedure carried out to treat an infection at the centre of a tooth. There are many reasons why a root canal is necessary, and it should be completed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and pain. To give you an insight into what to expect, we

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Why Great Gum Health is Vital for Your Teeth

Your gums – scientifically known as gingiva – are the tissue that surrounds and protects your teeth. They’re very much the unsung heroes of your mouth, playing a crucial role in your oral health and wellbeing. While we all know and understand the importance of looking after our teeth, we’re often less concerned with caring

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