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Sweet Enough: How to stop your sugar addiction

We all love a biscuit with our tea or a pudding after dinner, but maybe it’s time to rethink how much sugar we’re eating. Sugar plays a big role in the diet of most people and reducing your intake can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. For the sake of your teeth, even stopping those midnight snacks can make a huge difference. We know that breaking a sugar addiction can be tough, so we’ve brought together some tips to help you save your teeth.


Drink more water

Enjoy a cold can of coke to quench your thirst? With 14.2 million people in the UK drinking coke regularly, you’re not alone. Drinking more water may not feel like a fair replacement, but after a few weeks you’ll be reaching for a glass of ice cold tap water to rehydrate. Increased water intake has also been shown to reduce sugar cravings in general, helping blood flow at the right amount of pressure. Like many of our points, the overall benefits to your health are massive.


Stress management

Whether it’s sugar, caffeine or smoking, fighting any addiction is a mental battle as well as a physical one. Managing your stress will play a huge role in your fight against sugar, as you’ll notice that those cravings are usually strongest when your stress levels are high. Meditation, reading and breathing exercises can be great at lowering stress, so try and find what suits you best. Remember, cravings only last for 30 minutes maximum, so it’s important to stay focused.


Better quality sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep can seriously improve our overall health. More sleep means more energy, which is ideal for fighting sugar addiction. Make sure to stay away from screens before bedtime and find a more appropriate hour for your head to hit the pillow. If you’re struggling to adjust to a new sleeping pattern, breathing exercises can also be great for getting you into the right state of mind. Using sugar to counteract tiredness is illogical when you can get some top quality shut eye.


Improve your diet with more fruit and protein

If you’re impulsively reaching for that Mars bar in the shop, try grabbing and apple instead. Packed with healthy vitamins and sweetness, fruit can be a satisfying snack replacement for those artificial sugary drinks and chocolates. Putting protein in your diet is also great for giving those cravings a kick as it will keep you fuller for longer (we’d avoid sugary protein shakes though).


Reward yourself

Addictions aren’t easy to overcome and slipping into a relapse can be all too tempting at times of high stress. Recognising your progress and rewarding yourself is a massive part of the whole process. Give yourself time to run that hot bath you’ve been waiting for or treat yourself to a brand new bike. Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself the credit you deserve.


We fully believe that sugar has been underestimated as an addiction. With more food products being stuffed with artificial sweeteners and sugar by the day, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your intake. For the sake of your teeth, follow our tips and you’ll be on the road to sugar freedom in no time.