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STOP: Here’s why you should not DIY your Invisalign

Thanks to the remarkably innovative technology that digitally scans your teeth, Invisalign provides bespoke treatment that will work perfectly for your unique set of teeth.


There are, however, DIY aligners on the market that claim to work similarly, but can these promises be trusted?


This article will look at DIY Invisalign aligners, offering insight into why you should always visit a dentist to have the treatment.


What is a DIY aligner?


A DIY clear aligner is a type of braces that, in theory, works similarly to Invisalign aligners.


However, the difference between this and the usual method of having Invisalign fitted is that, rather than visiting a dentist and having them inspect your oral condition so that they provide the best moulds for you, a set of moulds are posted to you for convenience.


Some people decide not to have their dentist fit their moulds and instead opt for mail-order aligners to save trips to the dentist, but what you’re promised isn’t always delivered.


Despite the question marks over the effectiveness of DIY aligners, they are designed to work on straightening your teeth, filling gaps in your smile, sorting overbite or underbite problems, and fixing other oral issues you might have. 


Want to know more about why we’d always suggest going with Invisalign aligners instead of DIY aligners? Explore our webpage on Invisalign today.


Why should I choose to have my Invisalign aligners fitted by a dentist instead?


Why you shouldn't DIY your invisalign


Your dental professional has amassed a wealth of experience in the industry so will no doubt have greater insight into what you need.


With DIY braces, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive the optimal mouthpiece for you to wear as there has been less inspection of your mouth. This can be important to spot infections or other issues you might not have been aware of.


Invisible braces orthodontists, like the experts at London City Smiles, are adept in handling all sorts of unique issues when it comes to each patient. Bear in mind that the materials being used at official Invisalign providers are superior to those that you will receive from DIY aligners.


The dental professionals can answer any questions you have so that your concerns may be alleviated and you’ll know the best care routine.


People are usually provided with generic information from their invisible braces pack when having them delivered, but this might not always be the best information and some people prefer to have the trustworthy confidence of a dentist telling them what they should do.


The speed at which you might be told that your teeth can be fixed can, in fact, risk your oral health overall and make the appearance of your teeth worse from trying to move misaligned teeth too quickly. 

Now that you know what the pitfalls of DIY aligners are, contact the team at London City Smiles for a consultation to see what wonders can be worked on your smile.