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Smile Food - Five Diet Swaps 06062019

Smile Food: Five diet swaps for better teeth

Everybody has the cheeky treats they like to indulge in, unfortunately for your teeth though, they’re usually high in sugar. It is no secret that sugar is bad for your dental health, it causes damage to the enamel which can lead to erosion. The best way to avoid this is to give sugar the boot, but what’s equally effective (and more realistic!) is to find some healthier alternatives. 

  1. Ice Cream for Frozen Yoghurt

Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream: but your teeth scream in fear! This delicious frozen dairy treat may be delicious, and especially enjoyable in warmer weather, but it’s packed with sugar. Switching over to frozen yoghurt is a great way to satisfy your creamy flavour cravings, plus it’s packed with calcium and lots of versions have a much lower sugar content. It’s also great with fruit!

  1. Flavoured Water for Coconut Water

Often disguised in healthy-looking labels, flavoured waters are in fact very high in sugar. Yes, they may be a yummy way to get hydrated but you might be surprised to find out that some of them are more sugary than coke! A great swap for flavoured water is coconut water – it gives an exotic twist to hydration, is much lower in sugar and contains plenty of minerals and antioxidants. Win-win-win!

  1. Crisps for Cheese

Crisps are the grazing snack of many households. However, to eat these potato snacks your mouth has to create a high amount of acid to break down their starch content. This acid attacks your teeth enamel and leaves them vulnerable to erosion. They also get stuck in your teeth and continue to attack your teeth if not removed properly. (Not to mention that many flavoured varieties are also high in sugar). A super-snack alternative is cheese. Cheese has a higher pH level, is low in sugar and a great source of calcium.

  1. Fizzy Pop for Soda Water and Fruit

If teeth have a nemesis, it’s fizzy pop. It’s a favourite from many childhoods, and a hard treat to get rid of, but here’s why you should. Fizzy pop is highly acidic and packed to the brim with sugar, both of which attack your teeth from every possible angle. A great alternative to this is take some soda water (which contains no sugar) and add a squeeze of lime, lemon or melon flavour. You’ll still get that fizzy feeling but with much less sugar and acid – which your teeth will be very grateful for!

  1. Cooked Veg for Raw Veg

We know, vegetables aren’t really a treat or high in sugar, but it’s a great swap tip that had to make it onto the list. Vegetables in any form are a good thing but if you want to take this healthy staple to the next level, try going raw. Chewing on raw crunchy veg such as carrots, cucumber, celery, broccoli or cabbage, is great for your teeth. They contain antioxidants and vitamins which help to protect gums, plus they help to clean plaque and freshen breath.

It’s important to treat yourself on the rare occasion, but on the whole it’s best to steer clear of sugary treats. Sugar is terrible for your teeth; it attacks your enamel and can cause tooth erosion. The next time you’re hovering over your favourite indulgence in the supermarket aisle, take a step back and try one of our healthy swaps – you’re probably be pleasantly surprised and your teeth will definitely be thankful!