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5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Implant

More people than you think are missing a tooth, and the majority of patients decide not to have any kind of replacement. This might be because they are unaware that a dental implant is a viable option for them. Here at London City Smiles, we take you through the reasons you may require a dental implant.

Replace A Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant

Whether it is from a facial trauma or a problem tooth that needed removing, it may be possible that your missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. This is especially important if the gap is at the front of the mouth.

To Stop Teeth Shifting Into The Empty Space

When a tooth is missing, knocked out or extracted, it leaves a gap. Even though you may not be conscious of this gap, eventually it will cause the remaining teeth to shift. This is because there is no strength or structure in the void and thus, teeth will naturally move.

Protects Your Jawbone

There is dental evidence to suggest that when there is a missing teeth or gaps in the mouth, the jaw bone beneath the void begins to deteriorate. This is because the jaw bone doesn’t receive the right kind of stimulation from the tooth nerve. But a dental implant will provide the protection the jawbone needs. If you do lose a tooth, don’t leave deciding on a dental implant too long as some dentists believe jaw bone deterioration happens relatively quickly.

You Don’t Want To Wear Dentures Or A Crown

No one may know you have a crown or dentures but many patients are conscious that they have ‘false teeth’. Dentures and crowns can be uncomfortable too as they can move and irritate the mouth and surrounding gums. But dental implants are fixed in the mouth, so no chance of dentures falling out or you embarrassed by loose fitting teeth.

For A Confident Smile

Your teeth are an important feature of your face. They help you chew food into small enough pieces to digest but not only that, they are an important part of your smile and thus, your self-confidence. Imagine being able to smile without being conscious of missing or broken teeth.

Dental implants are the favoured approach of many patients. They are a permanent fixture in the mouth, take very little maintenance and look like your natural teeth too. Why not find out more about dental implants?