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Professions most likely to need Dental Assistance

When considering which professions are most likely to need dental assistance, let’s get something other than teeth straight first. Everyone needs dental assistance – your smile is the first thing people see, and one never gets a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore good dental hygiene and regular check-ups are vital to maintain your teeth and resolve any issues.Celebrity Smiles
From a face-value point of view, models, actors, singers and other performers in the public eye need to invest in their smiles. It’s not just about having an LA-ready set of luminous white teeth, but making them look the best they can. While gaps and crooked teeth can be characterful, they simply don’t work for everyone, and missing or rotten teeth are a complete no-no.

Even Shane MacGowan, lead singer of the Pogues, has finally taken the plunge, having lost the last of his natural – yet infamously bad – teeth around 2008, and now has a perfect set of dental implants on a titanium frame. The difference is incredible and he reportedly enjoyed eating his first apple in over twenty years in celebration.

Public Facing Workers
If you think about it, it’s not only those in the very public eye who are likely to need dental assistance. Anyone whose appearance must be smart and relies on face-to-face contact professionally will need to keep their smile fresh and bright and their teeth good – receptionists, sales reps, retail workers, personal trainers, even doctors, solicitors and accountants.

Sporting Greats
Of course, there are many instances of tooth loss or damage due to accident or injury, which certain professions are far more likely to suffer. An accidental kick in the face from a horse can take several teeth out, and re-implanting natural teeth is a problematic and painful procedure with no guarantee of success – and virtually no hope of success in the case of multiple teeth, dental implants near me.

For this reason grooms, jockeys, showjumpers and farriers could need dental assistance more regularly than others. Likewise, in the rough old days of English football, toothless players was part and parcel of the game – who could forgot Nobby Stiles toothlessly grinning while parading the World Cup around Wembley Stadium in 1966?

We can only reiterate – everyone needs dental assistance, but yes, perhaps some professions need it more than others…