Teeth Straightening


At London City Smiles, we understand the discomfort that can come with straightening misaligned teeth. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce you to our 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces treatment.

This revolutionary new orthodontic treatment will transform how teens and adults are able to straighten their teeth, without using conventional braces treatment. Equivalent to the strength of steel, our Advanced Ceramic Treatment gives you the ability to lead an active lifestyle while aligning your teeth in an efficient, productive way. These innovative, transparent ceramics have rounded edges to keep your smile both comfortable and pleasing, with material blending with your teeth to stop any staining that would usually occur with traditional braces.

3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces take full advantage of ingenious and innovative technology. With a more comfortable, beautiful and faster treatment for people of all ages, you no longer have to wait until after treatment to unlock your smile.

"The radical comfort, efficiency and transparency of our 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces is a progressive step forward for teeth straightening procedures."

Our Approach

The approach we take when applying our 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces is very simple. After booking a consultation with us, our specialist Orthodontists will start with a discussion and analysis of your teeth. This initial analysis allows us to find the most efficient way forward for your specific dental situation. The application and removal of the braces is straightforward and painless, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

After any last-minute questions on the day of your appointment, our dentists will place ceramic material onto each of your teeth using a non-toxic adhesive. When this adhesive has been dried with blue light, brace wire is then pushed through these translucent ceramics, which in turn starts the tightening process immediately. With a final trim of any spare wire, the whole process should only take between 1-2 hours.

Standard, regular check ups and assessments will ensure that you are continuing on the correct path and any rare problems or issues you may have will be easily solved. Our goal is to make sure our approach is as seamless, simple and easy as the braces themselves.


As you can see, this treatment will drastically improve the long, uncomforting and embarrassing procedure of traditional braces that, in our opinion, has been used for far too long. The numerous advantages to having your teeth straightened with our 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces treatment are undeniable:


  • An efficient and quicker procedure.
  • A transparent, strong as steel material.
  • Smaller brackets that enhance, not ruin, your smile.
  • Ceramic material stops staining.
  • Comfort inside your mouth with rounded design.
  • Enduring, predictable results.

From the very first day you step out of our surgery, you can let your smile radiant without the discomfort and self-consciousness often associated with braces. Our comprehensive treatment for your teeth will mean that you can keep smiling throughout and after your treatment. Book yourself in today to get a foot on the path towards straighter, more comfortable teeth.

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