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Your smile is one of your most beautiful assets. However, misshapen teeth can greatly affect your confidence to show your smile off to the world. Ceramic Braces are a great treatment option that help to subtly correct the issues with your teeth and help you to feel good about the appearance of your smile!

Having crooked, crowded or misshapen teeth can have an effect on how you see yourself. However, some people shy away from braces believing that it will have a negative impact on their smile. However, ceramic braces are made of a material which closely resembles your tooth shade, helping to correct your teeth without being obvious to other people.

Ceramic Braces share a lot of similarities with traditional metal braces; they are the same size and shape, and applied to the front of the teeth. However, the material they are made from is smoother and causes less irritation than a metal brace. Whilst, ceramic braces are commonly thought of as ‘adult braces’, they are suitable for a person of any age that wants a more subtle orthodontic option.

"Ceramic braces are a great option for correcting issues with your teeth, especially for people that want their braces to be less noticeable!"

Our Approach

Orthodontics are necessary to correct crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. Normally we will suggest braces as a corrective option, and will work with you to schedule this course of treatment. In your initial fitting appointment, we will extensively clean your teeth before applying a gel adhesive to the front of your teeth. We will use this gel to attach the brackets, then place wires through the brackets to keep everything firmly in place.

After we have fitted your Ceramic Braces, we will talk you through the following stages of your treatment. Often braces can cause discomfort in the first weeks, as they settle in the mouth. We can advise you on the best ways to treat this issue. We will also give you guidance on the best ways to look after your braces. Following this initial appointment, we will need to book several additional appointments to track your progress and adjust your braces to make sure they are correcting your teeth properly.


Ceramic Braces are a very popular choice for orthodontic treatment, as they provide a more subtle appearance than other braces. They also provide effective corrective treatment which works quicker than other subtle options, such as Invisalign. The material that is used to make Ceramic Braces is also a lot less abrasive than metal brace options. This kind of treatment is used to treat many dental issues, including:

– Crooked teeth
– Crowded teeth
– Misshapen teeth
– Misplace teeth

Ceramic Braces will help to correct your dental issues, and increase the confidence you have in your smile. This choice is very popular because it has a more subtle appearance, which reduces the self-consciousness that people often feel when they have metal braces fitted.
If you need braces but want a subtle design, book a Ceramic Brace appointment today! Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team for any additional information!

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