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Oral Health Hygiene: Eliminate Bad Breath by Chewing Gum Plus Other Benefits

By either loving or loathing a chewing gum, you play an essential role in your oral health hygiene. Chewing gum is a routine that you cannot afford to look down on. There are some health benefits of chewing sugar-free gum, for example, reducing of tooth decay, neutralizing acids found orally and mitigating dental erosion.

Have you ever asked yourself whether chewing gum has other benefits or not? There was research executed that proved that chewing gum has other health benefits apart from the ones to do with oral hygiene. The following are five significant reasons why you should always have a sugar free chewing gum at hand.

 Helps in The Reduction of Bad Breath.

You not only help to remove debris from in between the teeth by chewing gum but also help to reduce bad breath by stimulating saliva production. Brushing your teeth and flossing are the best option when it comes to doing away with bad breath. However, you can reduce the risk of bad breath dental erosion and possible infections by chewing gum in between meals because it can get into places that are hard to reach.

Helps the Tooth Enamel to Mineralize.

The mineralization of tooth enamel could be possible by chewing sugar-free gum which is very important in protecting your teeth from decay.

With such vital benefits, you can easily see why dentists go up and down around the country trying to promote sugar-free gums because it is part and parcel of your oral hygiene. However, although it carries some benefits, it is equally important to remember to brush your teeth at least two times a day and to floss at least once a day.

Chewing Gum Prevents Dental Erosion

The food we eat and drink daily is the one that causes dental decay. These are the foods that are particularly acidic like fizzy drinks and citrus fruits. You should make it a habit of chewing a piece of gum 20 minutes after eating your food or beverages. By doing this, you will be increasing your saliva production which helps in reducing the acids from what you eat and drink. Xylitol is a sugar substitute which reduces the amount of acid that attacks the teeth and increases the saliva ph. Value.

Helps People Who Have Xerostomia Also Known as Dry Mouth.

Due to side effects caused by specific medication, therapeutic radiation, lack of enough water in the body also called dehydration, diabetes, and diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome, some people suffer from the dry mouth which is called xerostomia. Always make sure that you often chew gum, as it can be very profitable to you and people who suffer from dry mouth because it stimulates the high production of saliva.

It Reduces Stress and Enhances Cognitive Performance.

There is some evidence that shows that chewing gum can reduce stress levels and cortisol. It can also improve concentration and rise cognitive performance as indicated by the stress hormone study done.