Why Invest in a Custom Made Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are dental appliances or devices that are there to protect your teeth from serious accidents, trauma or teeth grinding. You may feel like part of a comedy act when you wear one but it can prevent you from damaging your teeth and mouth in many situations. For many, especially for sport, mouth guards

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Dangers of Over-Brushing Your Teeth?

The issue of looking after our teeth is one that is drummed into us from early childhood. We all start off being told to brush our teeth religiously twice a day and this is an excellent routine to follow through life. Lately, there has been much publicity surrounding the effects of sugary drinks and sweets,

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7 Bad Things You Do To Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth in sparklingly shiny condition is a lot of work – you brush, you floss, you use mouthwash, you never miss a check-up with your dentist, yet your teeth never seem to be in great condition. Why is that? Below we list some of the bad things you do to your teeth day-to-day

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The Main Factors in Skin Aging

The reasons for rapid skin aging vary from person to person, and while there are a variety of ways you can delay premature or increased aging, it is sadly something that we can’t fully avoid. BUT there are some common causes of skin aging that you can avoid: Smoking It’s no secret that smoking has

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What are Dental Implants

Dental implants can give the patient a new lease on life –allowing them to speak, eat and smile with confidence. But what are they and how do they differ from other dental procedures? Below we answer some common questions about dental implants: What Are Dental Implants? As shown by the image, a dental implant is

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Facial Aesthetic Open Day On Tuesday 19th April

Spring brings with it many connotations of a new start, and to signify that London City Smiles will be hosting a Facial Aesthetic Open Day on Tuesday 19th April.Facial rejuvenation aims to give a more youthful appearance and can include a variety of procedures to deal with anything from sagging skin to wrinkles – aiming

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Facts and Myths About Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening products can, if used correctly, make a difference to the appearance of your teeth. From specialist toothpaste to miraculous mouthwash, the over-the-counter market is saturated with products that all claim to offer a white dazzling smile in a matter of minutes. We look at some of the myths and facts about teeth whitening…

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Benefits of staying in the UK for Dental work

With many people opting for the apparent cost savings of cosmetic dental work abroad – and rather too many horror stories as a result – it’s important to see just what the many benefits of staying in the UK for your dental work actually are. After all, with so many bargain basement type businesses across

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