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New Year, New Tooth: Our resolutions for your oral health in 2021

It’s safe to say that most people will be happy leaving 2020 behind them. With a bright new year comes fresh opportunities to improve yourself. Whether your brushing routine has been lacking recently or you want to ditch those unhealthy habits, 2021 is the perfect time to get your act together. To help inspire some of your own tooth resolutions, we’ve got together some New Year ideas for your oral health. 


Stop the sugar

While reducing your sugar intake might seem an obvious resolution, it’s all too easy to lose track of it when January has come and gone. Committing yourself to dropping foods with high amounts of sugar takes discipline and patience, but the rewards are huge. If you can manage to keep this resolution to the end of the year, the chances of you experiencing any kind of decay is drastically reduced. 


Start flossing

With 68% of the UK population not flossing, we think it’s about time for a flossing revolution. The benefits that come with daily flossing are huge and can greatly reduce your chances of gum disease. Flossing is easy and affordable too, so there’s no excuse to get involved. This resolution is perfect if you’re looking to add something extra to your oral hygiene routine. 


Kick those habits

Everybody’s got habits they aren’t fond of. Whether yours is smoking or eating too many sneaky sugary snacks, cutting out those habits is crucial if you’re going to improve your oral health. We would suggest using a calendar and ticking off each day you successfully avoid a cigarette or chocolate bar. This will give you motivation and remind you that you are making progress.


Consistency is key

Another staggering statistic about the nation’s oral health is that a third of the UK population only brush their teeth once a day. If you’re one of these 22 million people, it’s time to get some consistency into that brushing routine. Make one of your New Year resolutions to brush twice a day, morning and night, to give the health of your teeth a boost. If you can feel yourself dropping off, we’d recommend setting a strict brushing time each day to solidify your daily routine.


Remember – if you can crack down on a regimented pattern when it comes to brushing, flossing and avoiding those nasty habits, the health of your teeth will massively improve. If you’re interested in discussing any more New Year resolution suggestions with a dentist, get in contact with us today.