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How much do Dental Implants cost

Let’s face it – looking after your teeth isn’t likely to be cheap, particularly if you’re looking to improve your smile. Prices fluctuate on all sorts of different treatments, however, what you need to consider is not the cost per treatment, it’s the value you get for your money. But if you’re looking at your finances and wondering whether you’ll be able to afford dental implants – take a look at the guide below to find ballpark figures for what you’re likely to pay.What affects the price of an implant
No two sets of teeth are the same – if you’re an avid crime drama viewer you’ll know that a person can actually be identified from their dental records, as they’re as unique as a fingerprint. Therefore, the price for one person’s dental implants is unique to them. Although the average figures can be compared, treatment plans can vary wildly – and you may need fewer appointments or more appointments than the average person. Jawbone condition, dental and medical history and your unique reconstructive needs will be taken into account before a price is quoted, and a reputable cosmetic dentistry provider will advise you of an estimated length of treatment, and price for that treatment before you make the decision on whether you have the treatment done.

Getting it right
There are two main reasons why the cost of dental implants varies so much. The first reason is that you pay for the experience and expertise of the implantologist. If you’re looking at an extremely low price, you’d more than likely be right to question the experience and the expertise of your surgeon, just as you would with any surgical procedure. Secondly, dental implant prices vary depending on the type of implant used. There are a variety of different implant systems available to implantologists, and those that choose reputable brands such as Nobel, Osstem, Tatum, Biocare and Strauman are likely to charge a price that reflects the cost of the implant system used. As with most things, you get what you pay for and the brands listed above are known for their high quality.

Check the small print
It’s often a good idea to approach a few dentists for prices, but do make sure you look at what’s included in the price to ensure you’re making a fair comparison. It’s not always best to go for the cheapest smile, as your smile is the best currency you have, and a dentist you feel comfortable with, and one you trust to give you the smile you’ve been searching for, is well worth paying for. Dental implants near me.