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London: The most popular UK location for cosmetic dentistry?

Whatever type of cosmetic dentistry you’re looking for, whether it’s dental implants, Invisalign near me, veneers or a complete smile makeover, chances are you’ll want to go where all the best dentists are. After all, your smile is important to you, and getting it right is a big deal. Here, we take a look at the upsurge in enquiries for cosmetic dentistry, and look at why it might be worth travelling a little further than you’d planned to get the right treatment.Recent statistics revealed by (a private healthcare search engine site) showed an upsurge in the number of enquiries made about cosmetic dentistry over the past few years and the numbers are somewhat staggering. The number of Invisalign enquiries rose by 60% and clear brace enquiries rose 177% over just 2 years, and teeth whitening enquiries were almost double that of the previous few years. It’s clear we’re now a nation of people who care about the appearance of our teeth, and although prices for treatments fluctuate across the UK, many people are travelling down to the country’s capital for treatments. But why?

The dentistry
Often thought of as the hub of the UK’s best medical training facilities, most London cosmetic dentists take training at one of the capital’s best facilities. From the Institute of Dentistry, the City of London Dental School and the famous King’s College London, the calibre of training provided is often thought of as second to none, and if you’re looking to trust someone with something as important as your teeth, then it’s essential you choose someone who has trained at exceptional facilities, to an extremely high standard. London is also the home of innovation, and there have been many treatment breakthroughs there. King’s College London has a department dedicated to innovation in dentistry – something to think about when it comes to getting the best treatment.

The experience
Far from taking a cosmetic surgery holiday, with the risks associated with getting treatment abroad, cosmetic dentistry treatments in London are becoming a popular risk-free option as part of a city break, and as it’s not uncommon to feel absolutely fine after a course of treatment – depending on what you have done – so you can play tourist at the same time. Given London Dentistry Clinics’ great reputation, many people looking for great dentistry choose to go to the source, and experience the capital at the same time.

Of course travel is only one of the considerations you need to take when looking into cosmetic dentistry, but if you feel comfortable that your dentist understands what you want, can offer you a good idea of how the treatment will progress and has the expertise to give you the smile you want, then it’s worth going the extra mile to get it.