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London City Smiles Promote Mercury Free Dentistry

Dental Fillings are used as a way of restoring a tooth to its normal shape and functionality when it has been damaged by decay.The materials used in a filling are anything from gold and silver to mercury and porcelain.

However, on the NHS the fillings fitted are normally a mixture of mercury, tin and silver. Mercury is a harmful metal and many studies have shown that the metal can be toxic if it gets into the blood stream. It has also been shown that mercury can constantly escape from the filings and effect a range of major organs in the body.

What Are London City Smiles Doing Differently?
With much research showing that mercury can be toxic, harmful to the body and damaging to the major organs, London City Smiles are offering their clients white ceramic fillings instead. Milled in house they can fitted perfectly to the area in your tooth that needs filling. This form of cosmetic dentistry using white fillings offers many advantages.

Advantages Of White Fillings
The many advantages of white ceramic fillings Islington is that they offer benefits that are unavailable with silver, mercury or amalgam fillings.

These white fillings milled in house at London City Smiles can be fitted without having to remove too much of the tooth structure which means they preserve more of the healthy teeth. This also means the white fillings can restore the original strength of your tooth by firmly bonding the tooth together. No longer do fillings have to cause pain when eating certain foods or drinks, they can become part of your tooth.

Another great advantage of white fillings is their appearance. Although most fillings tend to be towards the back of the mouth and out of site, it is good to know that these fillings are virtually invisible because they blend in so well with the tooth’s natural colour.

And the biggest advantage of white fillings is that they do not pose a threat to your health. They do not contain harmful metals that can be toxic inside the body.

To find out more about white fillings and cosmetic dentistry offered at the clinic, visit London City Smiles today.