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London City Smiles – How to Treat Stained Teeth

What we consume and our overall diet plays a big part in the state of our teeth. Think of what you eat or drink every day; perhaps you enjoy a lot of coffee, or sip the occasional glass of red wine.


Whatever it is you eat, it will have some sort of effect on the cleanliness and colour of your teeth. Thankfully, there are some options open to you if you begin to notice your teeth being stained.


Let’s look at what can be done to treat stained teeth so that you can get a whiter shade for your smile.


How teeth become stained


As a result of what we eat, drink, and generally consume, staining can happen; it’s extremely common so don’t feel like you’re the only person experiencing teeth staining.


Everything will affect the state of your teeth to some degree, but some things will cause staining more than others. For example, smoking cigarettes, drinking red wine or coffee, and eating highly acidic foods can all lead to stained teeth.


Then there is a lack of maintenance when it comes to oral cleanliness. When we forget to brush our teeth or don’t floss, it increases the chances of us seeing stained teeth. Keeping on top of routine care is good for the health of your teeth as well as their colour.


Some reports suggest that something as seemingly innocent as taking certain antibiotics as a child can negatively contribute to their disposition to discolouration as an adult. 


Removing staining on teeth


There is a remedy to get back your lighter shade of teeth that you once had. At London City Smiles, we offer teeth whitening services that comprehensively improve the colour of your teeth so that your smile looks in healthier condition.


We’d always suggest opting for treatment at dental practices rather than an at-home teeth stain remover. The reasons for this are that the bleaching agent used to whiten your teeth is far stronger at a dentist than home kits possess, meaning your chances of the whiteness you crave are far higher.


Your Islington dentist will be experienced and professional, meaning that the formula to whiten your teeth will be applied correctly with next to no chance of incorrect implementation – the same can’t be said for home kits if you’re inexperienced with them.


Regular trips to your dentist and dental hygienist mean that your teeth will stay in good condition and you won’t have as much plaque in your teeth or gums, thus keeping your teeth white.


For any further information on how to treat stained teeth and what you can do to prevent staining, to begin with, check out all the information you need at London City Smiles.