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London City Smiles Gives You Four Tips to Avoid a Cavities Nightmare this Halloween

Finally, the Halloween holiday is around the corner, and the youth are abuzz with excitement and why shouldn’t they? It is one holiday that seems made just for kids: they get to don spectacular outfits, and all they got do, to make adults dole out bonbons by the armload is knock on doors and pull out faces.  What is not to love? The fun only ends when a couple of weeks after overindulging on all manner of sweet treats, the cavity fairy comes calling and exacts her vengeance on the wee-little meanies.

The million-dollar question is: is it possible to have a fun-filled Halloween for your family and yet somehow give the mean-faced cavity fairy a dodge? Ask us, and we’ll tell you “YES!”. Settle back and dig into these five essential tips for parents who want to avoid post-Halloween cavities nightmares this year. However, you don’t have to worry as London city smiles are here to solve this problem.

Give Out a Trick-or-Treat Bag that is Just Right

Handing out a ginormous trick-or-treat bag is just courting disaster. Ensure your family only goes for the trick-or-treat escapade bearing a kit that is just the right size (read small enough). Let your generosity be felt with an original outfit instead.

Set the Rules on Halloween Candy Beforehand

If you don’t get your game plan in order in good time, you may end up with a difficult task of reducing a Halloween candy mountain into a molehill: literally. Make sure your family understands to take Halloween candy in moderation. Ensure the rules you set are sensible and straightforward.  A good example is to consume the Halloween treats after the main meal. Also, make it clear that they should not eat the gifts before they get back home. That way, you can check them out to see whether they are healthy enough.

Select the Outfit with Care

An uncalled for Halloween trip to the dentist may come from a different source altogether. You may end up with a loose tooth or two after tripping and falling because the outfit you bought them is too ungainly. Steer clear of oversized shoes, high heels or dresses, gowns and capes which hinder movement. If the costume includes a mask, make sure the design is such that it fits snugly around the face, can be removed with ease and that it does not affect their ability to see what is coming from the sides. Indeed, it would help if you avoided masks altogether for children under 10 years of age.

Exchange Treats for Toys and Fun Experiences

Let your kid and the whole family, in general, understands that there is more to Halloween fun than just taking mouthfuls of sweet treats. If they know about exchanging the candy earned on the prowl for favorites such as a visit to the zoo or a fancied toy, they will gladly surrender the cavity-inducing confectionery. You can enroll in our Halloween candy buyback program to make the exchange worth your while too.


Visit to London city smiles after the Halloween festival. A dental checkup may be necessary, and they have the best solution.