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London City Smiles – Dental Implants: Why it’s so Important to Replace Your Missing Teeth

What determines whether the treatment we have is successful or not? If you’ve had your treatment done at an experienced and licensed practice, you can rest assured that the procedure has been carried out correctly.

However, there is some aftercare that you need to stay on top of so that you ensure you don’t jeopardise the quality of the treatment you’ve received.

The success rate for this kind of treatment is extremely high, but let’s look at what determines the success of your dental implant recovery and the best ways to maintain proper care.

Good aftercare

If you don’t practice sufficient cleanliness and routine care for your teeth and gums in the days and weeks immediately after your procedure, you might find that the treatment hasn’t worked as well as it could’ve done.

Always follow your dentist’s guidelines on how to care for your mouth after this kind of treatment. You might experience some sensitivity initially, so you need to watch what you eat. Also, if there is a small of pain that you’re experiencing, consider purchasing some over-the-counter pain relief to quell this.

Existing infections

You must always have your oral health inspected before dental implants are fitted. The reason for this is that the implants might not take as well if the state of your good isn’t strong.

If it’s determined that you have an infection, this must be treated before dental implants can be fitted. Your dentist will be able to identify this and treat it easily.

Grinding teeth

Some people do this when they’re awake as a coping mechanism, while others unwittingly grind their teeth in their sleep. Either way, grinding your teeth post-implant procedure isn’t good for your mouth.

There is a chance you can dislodge the dental implants as they are still sensitive because of the procedure. They need to be given a steady and relaxed environment to recover in. If you believe this could be a problem for you, speak to your dentist about it.

Your age

Younger people tend to have much stronger gums that will take dental implants better than the gums of older people. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it can be expected as we age.

It isn’t just the gums either, our bone strength decreases the older we get and this must be considered by your dentist before performing the treatment.

The implant’s positioningWhere in the mouth you have dental implants can affect how successful it could be. For instance, if you get the implants in a position where your gums or bone has worn, they won’t take as well as in a place where your gums and bone are still strong.

Your dentist will account for this before performing the procedure, so you shouldn’t worry too much about whether or not it will take.

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