London City Smiles

All I Want For Christmas Is….

Dear Santa

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need……..

Santa, Christmas is a happy time when everyone should have a smile on their face and enjoy everything about the festive seasons. Now I want to be able to smile without worrying about what my teeth look like. I know I’ve not treated them as well as I should have and I know I probably could have done better but I hope this doesn’t put me on the naughty list. You see, I’ve made a pact to be better and to look after my teeth from now on.

No longer will I punish them with too much red wine, tobacco, coffee or other things that discolour and stain them. In order to restore them to their former confidence I’m going to need a good clean and teeth whitening. I am sure this will incentivise me to take much better care of them and to give up the things that cause them so much damage. I’ve heard there are some excellent teeth whitening solutions that will help to make my teeth look like they once did and give me a more youthful appearance.

Also, I would like to have my teeth straightened. I mean if I’m going to make an effort to take better care of them it would be good to go the whole hog and make sure they are perfect. If I could have them straightened, and I understand that it won’t be an overnight solution, it will help make me much more determined to keep them in pristine condition and give me the confidence to smile again. I should have had braces when I was younger but as they say “youth is wasted on the young”. Now I really want to give my teeth the treatment they deserve.

Now I don’t mean to be greedy but how about having this gap removed. I’ve heard there are a number of solutions that could help to close this gap that stops me opening my mouth fully. Perhaps one of those implants I’ve heard so much about where you can give me a titanium post in place of the root and a crown on top?

I really would be so grateful if I could just smile for a selfie this Christmas, even if it’s just at the thought of getting my teeth fixed in the new year. I’ve heard that you can help make dreams come true so I would love it if you could help me realise mine.

Yours in anticipation………

p.s – I will leave you a healthy snack this year – too many mince pies won’t be good for your teeth!