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All I want for Christmas is The Perfect Smile

If having the perfect smile is on your Christmas list this year then we are here to make your wish come true. From perfect rows of pearly white teeth, to heart shaped lips that will be the envy of your friends, there are so many options to get a winning smile. We take a look at two perfect solutions to make this Christmas the best ever:

A Smile Makeover

There are many different cosmetic procedures that you can have done to improve the appearance of your teeth. Whether that be orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth on the upper and lower jaw, or porcelain veneers to improve the appearance and colour of the teeth, there are many options. In addition to orthodontics and veneers there are implants, teeth whitening, bridges, crowns and gum contouring.

All of these options can be delivered separately or as part of a more extensive treatment programme. A Smile Makeover takes the various elements that are required to produce an overall result. This could be straightening the teeth and whitening them, it could be filling in gaps and contouring the gums.

As part of the Smile Makeover treatment you will get an initial consultation where your consultant will discuss the options available to you and the best procedure to achieve the desired results. While some may take longer than others the finished result will be one that you can’t help smiling about.

Heart Lips

Now having beautiful straight white teeth is fantastic but imagine they are framed by gorgeous lips! If kissing under the mistletoe is on the agenda this year then these perfectly kissable lips are a sure-fire way to get his attention and make you feel good.

Heart Lips is a lip augmentation by Dr Bob Khanna which will breathe life back into lips that might have lost their firmness and shape over the years. With this fabulous procedure, you will get lips that are heart-shaped with a firm and more youthful appearance. If you have been looking at the celebrity smile and wishing you could have the same, now you can.

Book in for a consultation

If you are keen to perfect your smile and want to discuss your options, in the first instance you should make an appointment for a consultation. If you want to start the procedures and get some, if not all, completed in time for the Christmas party then what are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of confidence this Christmas.