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How to Stay Committed to Your New Year’s Teeth Resolutions

Ah, the New Year! What better time to resolve to change ourselves for the better? The main issue with New Year’s resolutions is that they’re notoriously difficult to keep, and we often find that when February rolls in, we’ve either abandoned our resolutions altogether or not even attempted them yet! Here are some of our top tips on how to ensure you stick to your New Year’s teeth resolutions, so you can end the year in much better dental health than you started it. 


Adapt your routine 

No matter what your New Year’s teeth resolutions are, you need to adapt your routine to incorporate the changes if you’re going to see real results this year. After all, the main reason that resolutions are so hard to stick to is the fact that we lose interest in them after a while as we slip back into our old ways. So, if you’ve resolved to floss more regularly, commit to flossing when you wake up and before you go to bed. The quicker you can get your resolution into your daily routine, the more likely you are to stick to it. 


Be specific about what you want to achieve 

Let’s be honest, the field of oral hygiene is pretty vast, and there’s a lot to think about! When you’re making your New Year’s teeth resolutions this year, don’t just say something generic like ‘I want nicer teeth.’ Rather, your resolution might be to whiten your teeth to improve your confidence when you smile. This is much more specific, and you can take tangible steps to whiten your teeth. It will also enable you to tick off your resolution when you’ve done something about it!  


Upgrade your toothbrush 

While it can be tempting to pick up a cheap and cheerful toothbrush from the supermarket, it’s no match for the capacity of an electric toothbrush. A recent study found that people who use an electric toothbrush have healthier gums, less tooth decay, and keep their teeth for longer when compared to people who use a manual toothbrush. Pretty convincing, isn’t it? The bottom line here is that if you want to improve your oral hygiene in 2022, then investing in an electric toothbrush is an excellent way of going about it. 


Visit a dental hygienist regularly 

Some people make the mistake of only scheduling an appointment with their dentist when they experience mouth pain. While you might not necessarily need to receive any treatment from a dentist, scheduling an appointment with a dental hygienist every six months or so will hold you to account when it comes to your New Year’s teeth resolutions. Hygienists are on hand to offer you guidance and advice when it comes to looking after your teeth properly and provide a range of services that improve the cleanliness of your whole mouth. 


Is 2022 the year of your teeth? It’s perfectly normal to start a New Year full of confidence that this is finally going to be the year that you make those big changes in your life.  If you have finally decided to do something about your teeth in 2022, then we salute you and are here to help in any way that we can! Feel free to check out the broad range of services that we offer, and do feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about anything relating to your dental health and hygiene.