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How to help kids with dentist visits

Trips to the dentist can seem like a chore for both children and parents alike. Persuasion and reassurance are often part and parcel of the process. Although, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to ease your child’s concerns so dental visits are less arduous. This article will look at what you can do as a parent or guardian to make the trip a more enjoyable experience for you and the child.

Praise but don’t exchange

Firstly, it’s not exactly a healthy or sustainable practice to offer some form of remuneration every time your child goes to the dentist. This leads to unwanted expectations and maybe demands in future. The dentist might offer a child a small sweet after their visit but promising fast food or even money in exchange for them going is transactional and should be avoided.

Instead, try positive reinforcement. In the same way that you would tell off a child who has done something wrong, you should praise them every time they visit the dentist and behave well. Children will begin to associate dentist visits with praise and feeling good about themselves like they would avoid doing something naughty in case they were disciplined. London City Smiles has heaps of experience in providing dental care for children.

Create a good and relaxed mood

It’s important not to strike fear into children beforehand. If they already hold worries, adding to the fear makes it less likely they’ll comply with the dentist when visiting. Instead, reassure them that everything will be fine and repeat how expertly trained the dental team at London City Smiles is.

Allowing your child to bring their favourite toy or book to the dentist for the waiting room beforehand really takes their mind off where they are and can put them in a much better mood. Dentists often provide some reading material and communal toys for children to use.

Lots of dentists aim to make the visit educational so children pick up good habits and parents know what to do from home. If you’re a parent or guardian and want to learn what the best maintenance techniques are, don’t be too shy to ask your dentist what they are and they’d happily speak to you about it.

Speak to your dentist

Parents can worry about their children a lot, that’s perfectly normal; you want the best for your child. 

This is why it’s important to make sure that the dentist you select is one you trust and you feel is the right person to care for your child’s oral health.

They can answer any questions you might have and put your concerns, as well as your child’s, at ease. Get in touch with the London City Smiles team to book an appointment.