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How a Dental Hygienist Can Help Your Teeth

At London City Smiles, we do everything we can to support our clients improve their oral health. Central to our treatment plans are our talented dental hygienists, who work together with our general dentists. While people often overlook trips to the hygienist, scheduling regular appointments is actually crucial for your oral health, as we explain in detail below. 


What is a dental hygienist? 

The main role of a dental hygienist is to provide preventive care to patients. A hygienist will professionally clean and polish your teeth during an appointment – known as a scale and polish – which removes tartar and plaque. They then provide you with tips on keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque in the future and may even provide dietary advice that can potentially prevent tooth decay. 


What is a scale and polish?  

A scale and polish is a routine that is typically carried out by a dental hygienist, and it’s one of the most effective ways to give your teeth a thorough, professional clean. The first stage sees the hygienist scrape deposits of plaque and tartar from your teeth, which may also involve an ultrasound. Once removed, the hygienist will polish your teeth, modify any imperfections, and leave your teeth sparkling clean. Even when you clean your teeth twice a day, a regular scale and polish is a hugely important part of maintaining first-class oral hygiene. 


How else can a dental hygienist help? 

In addition to a scale and polish, a dental hygienist performs a check-up on your gums and the other areas of your mouth. You can think of it as an MOT for your mouth as they identify any areas that may cause you issues if left untreated. For example, visiting a hygienist regularly is a great way to reduce your risk of gum disease, which is an affliction that affects around 47% of adults over the age of thirty. Identifying signs of gum disease early is important to treat it, and a hygienist will help you take the necessary steps to improve your oral health. 


Why can’t I just see a dentist? 

The primary difference between a dentist and a hygienist is the type of care they provide. As mentioned, a hygienist specialises in preventive treatment, while a dentist is concerned with treating actual issues with your teeth and gums. With this in mind, it’s best to consider your trip to the hygienist as a supplement to your regular check-ups with your dentist. This is because dentists and hygienists work hand in hand, specialising in different aspects of your treatment. 


Book a dental hygienist appointment today 

If you’re hoping to improve your oral health in between check-ups with your dentist, we would be delighted to book you in for an appointment with one of our dental hygienists. If you have any questions about our service, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members by calling us directly on 020 7837 2300.