Healthy summer snacks that are good for your teeth

The temptation to delve into sugary snacks throughout the summer season is too much for some people to bear. However, while some sugary snacks are perfectly fine, too much can cause serious damage to your oral health. So what’s the solution when you’re craving some munch? Here are some of our own favourite summer snacks that are good for your teeth.



While fruit contains a lot of sugar, the health benefits are too good to turn down and are a great alternative to other snacks. Strawberries, pineapple and grapes in a fruit salad are the perfect combinations when the sun’s out. Remember though – too much sugar (even from fruit) can damage your teeth, so make sure you keep your diet varied. Another great way to get your fruity five-a-day is by blending them up into a smoothie. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or in the garden, there’s nothing like a cooling smoothie to chill you out.


Celery and houmous

Celery is another great choice for your summer diet for a variety of reasons. This vegetable is very fibrous and acts as a natural toothbrush or floss, getting out all the grime and detritus stuck between your teeth. The best part? Celery is absolutely delicious on one of those scorching days and can be paired up sumptuously with a pot of natural houmous. Not only are you being healthy for your teeth, but you’re also benefiting your whole body.


Veggie kebabs

Whether you’re a militant vegan or a committed carnivore, veggie kebabs are too got to turn down when you’ve got a summer barbecue on. Red peppers, courgettes, aubergines and red onions should all be top of your list to create a kebab that’s healthy for both your teeth and body. If you want to add some variety on there, some grilled halloumi is a great meaty alternative that mixes up the flavour. At the end of the day – who turns down cheese?


Watermelon lollies

Looking for an alternative to those sugary Magnums? This summer staple is a perfect choice, combining a healthy fruit with a refreshing chilly taste. They’re super easy to make too – simply freeze watermelon flesh and leave for a few hours. If you want to add another fruity twist to the lolly, all you have to do is add some kiwi for a delicious combination.

While the temptation to grab the nearest sugary snack during summer, overdoing is never a good idea. It’s easy to find some healthy snacks for the summer season, all you have to do is get creative! If you want any more tips and advice, make sure to get in touch with London City Smiles today.


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