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Get Facial Aesthetics By Professional Dentists At London City Smiles

Think about how better you can look with help to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines to enable you to look much younger? With facial aesthetic not only dental problems are treated but also the facial contours and expression lines can be defined and softened. The facial aesthetic treatment is done quickly, painless and affordable to all people to enhance their beauty. The main advantage is that facial aesthetic is non-surgical thus recovery takes a minimum time.

The primary treatments for facial aesthetic by dentist include wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. Some individuals may find it strange that at London City Aesthetics dentist offer the facial aesthetic. The dentist has gone through extensive training of facial anatomy. They have also been known to be the best in administering injections as they work in a sterile environment. Therefore, this makes it a complete sense that a dentist is the best-qualified personnel to offer facial aesthetic.

The facial aesthetic aims to enhance skin discoloration, acne, sun damage and the appearance of scars. The procedures reduce the facial imperfections giving you glowing, beautiful skin. The people who benefit from facial aesthetics are men and women who show early signs of aging and patients who want similar results without undergoing plastic surgery.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

The skin naturally loses its volume and elasticity as you age leading to wrinkles and fine lines development. The wrinkles and fine lines occur from contraction of facial muscles thus they are injected with the naturally occurring protein. The botulinum injection stops the nerve endings in your muscles, giving you a younger smooth face.

The treatment takes 4-7 days to show the effects. It’s also temporary thus you need regular treatments to continue looking this way. The wrinkle relaxing injections treatment is safe, simple and effective to improve fine lines, crow’s feet and deep wrinkles in the upper part of your face.

Dermal Fillers

The dermal fillers are injections used to fill out the creases and wrinkles in your facial skin. They use hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the body. The dermal fillers enhance, correct and add volume to the surface. This gives you a more radiant and youthful look. The dermal fillers can also lift the lips corner, treat scars and contour jawline among others.

The Advantages of Facial Aesthetics

The facial aesthetic has plenty of benefits; it makes a person look and feel good thus boosting confidence in themselves. The other benefits are:

  • You gain self-esteem.
  • The treatment is painless with just a mild discomfort
  • Results lead to a fresher and more radiant skin
  • Fights against signs of aging
  • With a qualified professional the treatment is 100% safe
  • The procedures are non-surgical and not invasive

At London city Smiles we have a knowledgeable and highly trained dentist. They are also highly experienced in giving injections and offer painless treatments. We are willing and happy to provide you with a chance to boost your confidence again in your life with the facial aesthetic treatments.