Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are done when a wisdom tooth (one of the third of fourth molars of a person) do not come out from under the gum line in a normal manner or gets impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth will be very difficult to clean, which is the reason why impacted teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental problems. A wisdom tooth extraction is needed to remove a decayed impacted wisdom tooth; this procedure is also done if the impacted tooth is starting to push against the neighbouring teeth, causing a lot of pain and discomfort for the patient.

A wisdom tooth extraction will start with the administration of a local anaesthetic, while a general anaesthetic may be used if all of the wisdom teeth will be removed during the same dental appointment; the anaesthetic will ensure that the patient will not feel the pain that the procedure may bring.

The gums will need to be cut to be able to access the impacted wisdom tooth, and any tissues connecting the tooth to the bone will also be removed. The impacted tooth will be extracted; there are also cases when the tooth will need to be broken down into pieces first, before the entire tooth can completely be removed from under the gum line.

After ensuring that all of the pieces of the impacted wisdom tooth have been removed, the dentist will proceed to close the gum incision by stitches, which will in turn dissolve on their own, or will be removed after a few days.

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