Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction at London City Smiles

Tooth extraction isn’t on the top of anybody’s list, but sometimes it’s necessary to maintain good dental health. Modern dentistry has made this procedure a painless experience, and with the advances in tooth replacements, you’ll feel like you never lost your teeth in the first place.

When a tooth is too damaged, it can no longer be restored to its normal functionality. In this case, tooth extraction is the best option available to you. Leaving a damaged tooth in the mouth can cause further issues for other teeth and deteriorate the general health of your mouth. Whilst tooth extraction is generally seen as the last resort, it is clear that there are benefits to undertaking this kind of treatment.

Tooth extraction is almost always conducted with local anaesthesia, which eradicates any pain from the surrounding gums. The tooth is removed by gently widening the socket in the gum that it sits in and pulling it out of the gum. Sometimes a stitch is used to help the empty socket to heal quickly. Whilst this is the most common type of extraction, there are slight variations depending on the specific circumstances.

It’s often regarded as a last resort when it comes to dental procedures that dentists will perform, but depending on your circumstances, tooth extraction might be a necessary procedure to undertake.

Although the idea of having a tooth removed might seem scary at first, there’s no need to worry whatsoever. These days, tooth extraction is painless, and the dental experts at London City Smiles can simply fit a replacement that will look as natural as the rest of your teeth.

The benefits

Tooth extraction helps to maintain the overall health of your mouth, whilst this is usually due to an overly damaged tooth, there are several dental issues that extraction corrects, including:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • A broken tooth
  • An abscess (an area where pus collected in the gums)
  • Crowded teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth (a tooth that hasn’t broken through the gum line)

A vast amount of benefits are included with tooth extraction when it’s necessary, like preventing periodontitis, it addresses tooth decay, abscesses, and any overcrowding your set of teeth might have been experiencing.

As always, we can’t stress how crucial it is to have this procedure done by a dentist that is fully licensed to do so and has the requisite experience. Unlicensed dentistry is a dangerous risk to your health.

Our approach

Your London City Smiles dentist will make sure that you understand the procedure and what it entails before beginning. We understand some patients might have anxieties about some dental procedures but to put your concerns at ease, they will explain their experience and how safe tooth extraction is.

Should your worries be too severe, the dentist might suggest a sedative so you will be temporarily unconscious during the procedure, meaning you won’t even know it’s happened until completion.

More information

Typically, teeth are likely to slide out of the gums straightforwardly once the gums have expanded. Occasionally there are instances where a stubborn tooth will need to be split up into parts to make it easier for the dentist to remove it.

Then, during the recovery phase, you must take great care of your mouth so as not to risk your recovery. You could be given some special mouthwash or antibiotics to aid the recovery further. Once this has completely healed, looking into dental implants might be something that interests you.

To book your consultation or get in touch with the London City Smiles team, use the online booking system or find the contact details here.


How do I get a tooth extraction appointment?

Dentists always look to avoid teeth extraction unless it’s necessary. If it is unavoidable, you will be told so by your dentist after either an emergency appointment or a general appointment.

Book a routine appointment today.

When should I book a tooth extraction appointment?

You won’t have the option to book this appointment unless your doctor tells you that it’s necessary. You’d usually be informed after a routine check-up or emergency appointment, so the booking is often made in person.

How much does teeth extraction cost?

It depends on the number of teeth that need to be removed, if there are other conditions to address alongside the extraction, and how much of an emergency it is deemed. Speak to a member of our team to get more information.

Does teeth extraction hurt?

Your dentist will do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of pain, but because of how invasive the procedure can be, there is a chance you might feel discomfort.

For all the information you could want, speak to one of our consultants today who can find out the necessary information from you and book you in for your tooth extraction if you need it.

This is how the treatment works

Dentists will examine your oral health to see if there’s anything that can be done for the tooth that is bothering you. Should they conclude that the tooth can’t be saved through the usual means of dentistry because the damage has gone far beyond rectifiable, they will advise you that it must be removed entirely.

Once confirmed that tooth extraction is the way forward, you’ll receive a local anaesthetic that means you won’t feel a thing as the procedure is being performed. The process includes softening and expanding the gums surrounding this tooth slightly so that the tooth can be pulled from where it usually sits. Depending on the reason behind your tooth extraction, your dentist might also stitch up the now-vacant hole in your gum so it recovers optimally.

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