Oral Cancer Screening


There’s nothing more important than your health, and catching any health issue in the early stages is crucial to overcoming it. This is especially true of cancer. That’s why we offer Oral Cancer Screening, so you can be sure of your health for yourself and your family.

Oral Cancer Screening can help to identify signs in and around the mouth and oral cavity that are potentially cancerous. Whilst this treatment is available to anyone that wants to be sure of their oral health, we especially recommend this for patients that smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol as both of these habits greatly increase the risk of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening is usually split into a visual and physical examination. We also ask you a number of questions concerning your physical health and lifestyle. Whilst the screening is a thorough examination for cancerous and precancerous lesions, it is also a great opportunity for you to ask us about oral health and the best ways to reduce risk and maintain a positive oral routine.

"Oral Cancer Screening is a good way of identifying potentially harmful areas in the mouth, and can give patients the reassurance that they are on top of their oral health."

Our Approach

If you have concerns over unusual sores in your mouth, or you simply want to guard against potential oral cancer, we will invite you in for an Oral Cancer Screening. We will talk you through the processes of this treatment before we start and make sure that you are comfortable to proceed. We will also ask you to remove any dental appliances (such as dental bridges) so we can conduct a full examination.

An Oral Cancer Screening is usually comprised of a visual and physical examination. Firstly, we will check for any visual swelling, sores, discolouration, asymmetry or other abnormalities. This will be conducted inside and outside of the mouth: looking at the tongue, gums and roof of the mouth, as well as the neck, face, lips, nose and oral cavity. The physical examination will involve a touch-test of your head and cheeks, jawline, chin and across the bridge of the nose, as well as by observing your swallowing patterns.

Our Oral Cancer Screenings are precautionary but if we feel there is an area that is worth observing, additional appointments may be advisory, either with us or a doctor.


Oral Cancer Screening is a great treatment to reassure yourself that you are on top of your oral health. This visual and physical examination gives you peace of mind by helping to identify damaged or abnormal areas in the mouth that could be cancerous. Additionally, this treatment also includes an advisory element, which will give you the information you need to maintain positive oral health.

If you want to guard against oral cancer, book an appointment then today! Alternatively, get in touch with our team for information regarding this treatment.

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