Nervous or Anxious Patients


Regular dental check-ups and dental treatments are essential to maintaining positive dental health. However, many people avoid dentists as it causes them anxiety. From the idea of a dental drill or having an injection to the mere thought of sitting on the dentist chair, dental anxiety can arise for a number of reasons and is far more common than you may think. However, that doesn’t mean anyone should have to put up with it.

Conscious Sedation is a procedure which is used to help you achieve a relaxed state, so you feel comfortable when having dental treatment. The local anaesthetic used in this procedure is usually administered intravenously through a small plastic tube which is inserted into a vein in the arm.

The anaesthetic used in Conscious Sedation removes any sensation of pain and provides a relaxed state which allows for you to be conscious during treatment. This means that we can administer your treatment with clinical precision and you can also communicate with us during the treatment, if necessary.

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“Conscious Sedation is a great option for those that feel anxious or apprehensive about visiting the dentist – it removes pain, provides a relaxed and also allows you to communicate with us, if you feel the need to.”

Our Approach

A large part of our approach to dental anxiety is to talk to you in length about the dental treatment you are undertaking first and then about how the Conscious Sedation works. We will show you the equipment used for this procedure and make sure you feel entirely comfortable before proceeding. Prior to the treatment, we will have advised you to bring a friend or family member, so that you can get home safely following the procedure. This only a precaution following any remaining effects from the sedation.

Depending on your weight and height we will prepare a dosage of local anaesthesia into a medical bag. We will then insert a small plastic tube (via a medical instrument called a catheter) into your arm. This will then be attached to the medical bag, which we will place higher up to allow the solution containing the local anaesthetic to flow downwards and be administered. Whilst this might sound daunting it is actually very simple and entirely painless.

Once your treatment has taken place, we will ask you several questions to check your awareness and the remainder of the sedation’s effects. Once we are sure that you are safe to go home, we will put you in the care of the person you have chosen to accompany you.


Conscious Sedation is fantastic for patients that suffer from anxiety when they undergo dental treatment. It allows for a relaxed state which enables you to feel comfortable having treatment done. This also helps us to give you clinically precise treatment. Whilst, this is used for patients with anxiety, it can also be used as a way to remove pain for those that have to undergo complicated procedures. If you suffer from any dental anxiety, Conscious Sedation is the best way to feel completely comfortable and confident undergoing treatment.

Need to visit us, but feeling apprehensive? Book an appointment with us to have Conscious Sedation today! Alternatively, get in touch and a member of our team will happily talk through any other concerns or questions you might have!

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