Your teeth are very strong. In fact, the enamel on the surface of your teeth is the hardest substance in the human body. However, even your teeth need protection sometimes. Mouthguards are dental devices which provide this protection!

Mouthguards are protective dental devices which are used to protect your teeth from damage. They are normally used to protect the teeth from injuries arising from contact sport such as rugby, boxing and hockey. However, they can also be used to prevent damage caused by teeth grinding. As well as supporting the form of your teeth, mouthguards also support the soft tissues in your mouth by preventing any accidental biting caused by trauma.

There are a number of mouthguard types available to you, including boil and bite, stock and custom-made. Your choice depends on a number of factors, including what they are protecting against and how often they will be used. The ultimate protection for your teeth will always come from a custom-made mouth guard, which is made from a dental laboratory. This is due to the comfortable, close fit they provide.

“Your teeth are very important to your overall health, so mouthguards are a great option for patients that need to protect their teeth from damage!”

Our Approach

We specialise in creating custom-made mouthguards as they are the best protection for your teeth and require a dental mould to be made. If this is the mouthguard option that you feel is right for you, we will be happy to help. In your appointment, we will take a dental mould, which will be sent to a dental laboratory. The lab will then make a custom-made mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly, providing you with the best comfort and protection for your teeth and mouth. These mouthguards can provide both an upper and lower teeth guard to give you optimum protection against damage.

If you don’t opt for a custom-made mouthguard, we can advise you on the best of the alternative options. Although boil and bite (where you heat up the guard in hot water and then bite down to create a loose impression) are the better of the secondary options, they do not provide a proper fit for the mouth. The only other version, stock mouthguards, will very rarely be recommended because they are pre-made and can actually do more harm than good, in cases of serious trauma.

Benefits of Mouthguards

Mouthguards are a fantastic option for those that need to provide protection to their teeth and mouth. A customised mouthguard provides the best protection available and can help to prevent damage, which could result in dental treatment. Some of the issues prevented against, include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Dislodged teeth
  • Teeth loss
  • Tissue or tongue damage
  • Cracked teeth
  • Teeth grinding

Mouthguards are the first point of protection for preventing teeth damage.

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