Itero 3D Scanning


Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your overall health, so it’s natural that you’ll want the best treatments available. Taking a scan from inside your mouth and producing 3D dental images is the best way of making sure that happens!

Itero 3D scanning enables your dentist to understand your oral health better than any other previous technology. It works by conducting a scan of your teeth which develops into a three-dimensional image and provides us with a detailed account of your teeth and mouth. The confocal imaging and state-of-the-art software that’s used in this treatment allows for coloured images to be compared from each scan, creating a detailed record of oral changes.

The Itero 3D scan can also be used to perform necessary treatments with a greater level of flexibility. The images provided as a part of this process create a thorough map of your whole mouth which can help us to adjust treatments in the best way to suit you. This advanced technology therefore allows for an improved level of clinical accuracy than ever before!

“ Every patient should get an Itero 3D scan – it allows us to be more accurate with your oral health records and conduct more accurate treatment, simple! ”

Our approach to Itero 3D Scanning

We will talk you through the Itero 3D scanning process, but essentially it is very simple – we place a handheld scanner into your mouth which creates a detailed three-dimensional image of your mouth in 60 seconds! Once the scan has been conducted, we will be able to show you the image from the dentist and guide you through the condition of your dental health. If there are areas that require treatment, we will be able to show you why this is necessary and how we could potentially treat the issue.

The Itero 3D scanner allows for this personalised style of dentistry, as you are able to see what your teeth in better detail than ever before and have a better understanding of our suggestions. This advanced technology uses optical and laser scanning to create coloured images which allow us to keep a detailed record of your teeth changes. Any movements, decay, or damage will show up on the screen which gives both us and you a better idea of your oral health.

Benefits of Itero 3D Scanning

Itero 3D scanning has revolutionised dentistry for its professionals and patients. The detailed images it provides allow a number of massive advantages over previous technology. This allows us to provide a more personal approach, which involves discussing the images of your teeth and talking you through the dental treatments available to deal with any issues. This also allows for us to be more clinically accurate when conducting these treatments.

Itero 3D scanning additionally provides an accurate record of your teeth by comparing different scans over time and producing coloured images. These coloured images show any teeth movement, decay or dental damage. This kind of insight enables us to gain a better understanding of your specific oral health and helps to prevent future damage. We can show you the images and what is happening to your teeth, so you can make any necessary changes to improve your dental health.

Want to be more in charge of your teeth? Book an Itero 3D scan appointment with us today! Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team to arrange one!

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